Cupcakes & Champagne


Thursday night we had a little birthday party for my friend, Sidney. It was such a fun night with the girls. The evening started with a small dinner party for 8 hosted by our friend Harriet- followed by a larger group for cupcakes & champagne. I was in charge of two of my favorite things: invitations & baking!

* harriet's table setting for the small dinner party

*invitation for the dessert party

*cupcakes (lemon, coconut, & chocolate buttercream)

*four of us gave Sidney this AnnieGlass platter in platinum (but square, not oval)

*a few of us at the party

Can't wait for the next party!


Haven and Home said...

Best cupcakes ever!!!! I love the idea of champagne and cupcakes, that is my dream party!

No.35style said...

I'll take a chocolate buttercream!

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