Pretty and Refined


Although I would be scared to walk on that white carpet... it sure makes for a beautiful room.

Custom canopy bed: Mrs. Howard
Custom pillows: Mrs. Howard
Custom linens: Mrs. Howard
Walnut consoles: Robuck & Co.
Upholstered benches: Parc Monceau
Lamps: Parc MonceauA
ll art and accessories: Mrs. Howard
Wallpaper: Hines through Mrs. Howard
Carpet: Couristan
Phoebe Howard
Mrs. Howard
425 Peachtree Hills Ave.
Atlanta, 30305
(404) 816-3830


lsadler said...

Chief could not live in this room

LindsB said...

I dont think I could do white carpets either, I would be so scared all the time. Knowing me I would spill a whole thing of powder blush or something :) But the combo of white and gold here is beautiful!

Haven and Home said...

Love white carpets, couldn't do it. You would either have to have it cleaned all the time or constantly take off your shoes, neither I could do. But I am sure Tanner would LOVE it...

Blueprint Bliss said...

Tanner + white carpet = nightmare

I think I would have to be worried about the red wine! :)

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