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I came across this house on the House Beautiful site and loved the details.
I am sure that many of the posts I have done have been posted on other blogs... but one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to have a record for the things that I love. I also try to remind myself that there are so many design blogs out there and we all read so many different ones.... so some people may be seeing things for the first time. That's just my little disclaimer!

*all photos via House Beautiful


paula said...

The built in cabinets are amazing. said...

Those turquoise shutters/doors are so amazing! I seriously want to add some turquoise shutters to my home. So pretty!

Haven and Home said...

The dining room has always been my favorite! In my next house will you be my designer? Seriously!!! This is the look I want and yet my house is going the opposite direction. I hate doing my house and I need your touch!

the lady of the house said...

Yep! I'm not the only one that loved the shutters and the built ins :)

LindsB said...

Those pictures are beautiful, I love the blue shutter doors on the windows- I wish I had them in my house!

Aubrey said...

Those sketches in the dining room are inspiring...And the wood beams in the living room :) I could definately live here!

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