And the winner is....


According to #34 which is Christine Lofton from Griffin, GA. I just went to her profile page and wanted to post her cute photo on my blog- but decided not to since I don't know her. She might not be a fan of that!

Congrats, Christine! I hope you will enjoy your Advanced Face Firming Activator. If you will- email me your mailing information to

Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment for the Perricone MD giveaway.

On another note- I've been quite the blog slacker lately. Slacking when it comes to posting as well as when it comes to reading blogs. So please forgive me. I promise to get back into the swing of things soon!

Have a great day- Brooke


lsadler said...

I demand a recount.

Susie (So Blessed) said...

i guess you don't get comments
on days winners are announced...
except from s.a.'s like leslie!

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