Neutral New Orleans


Country Living is one of the few magazines that I don't subscribe to and I often wonder why. Especially after seeing a house like this. I'm sure most of you are familiar with it from the July issue... and in case you aren't- here's a little house tour.

*The office project is finished- but my camera is dead and I can't find my charger (I put it somewhere while re-organizing everything). I'll post photos soon {even though it's pretty boring}.

Forgiveness vs. Permission


You know the saying- "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission." When I think of this quote- I often think of my friend Leslie. A few years ago when we were out shopping she fell in love with a chair and knew she shouldn't get it- but did anyway. And just asked for forgiveness when she got home....

That plays into my plans for today. My home office/third bedroom is a mess and it's where I have been working out of each day (so it drives me crazy). On Wednesday Marianne and I made a trip to Ikea in ATL where I found a few things to help me on my quest to organize the office.

For the past three years... it has been Mac's room and was painted brown (which he likes). I went on a spree of painting all of the walls in my house Monterey White by Benjamin Moore which Mac was okay with- as long as I didn't touch 'his' office. Well, now it is technically my office. So I'm painting the walls white today to go with the rest of the house. I hope to have a before and after post on Monday. Although--- it won't be a huge difference due to restricted funds.

And although I don't think he will really care if I paint the walls.... I'll just ask for forgiveness if he does.

Here is a sneak peak of the new things to come:

Monterey White for the walls
(Benjamin Moore)
Sherwin Williams' Hardware
for the bookshelves and sewing table

New Filing Cabinet
New Chair for the Sewing Table

A rod to help organize a few things above the table
and the basket hangs on the rod....
Shelf to go above the rod

$7.99 Lack Table that I am adding casters to
(for my second printer/scanner)

We'll see how it turns out.... wish me luck! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

grey on the brain


My dear friend, Marianne, introduced me to the color grey. At first I wasn't so sure... and now I've become a little obsessed. I'm still on my white kick- but I love the gray seen in these photos. And I'm liking all shades of it- both warm and cool, light and dark.

*images via House and Home
Moving on from interiors to my closet. The new fall J.Crew catalog arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I tried to make myself throw it away without looking at it since I am on a shopping hiatus. But I just couldn't do it. I've added these two to my wish list (btw, I think Santa Claus reads my blog):

Kelcey Suede Ballet Flats

And look at this pretty shade of grey polish on Angela's toes. It's OPI Recycle. That will be something that I can add into my fall wardrobe that won't break the bank!

Creative Spaces


Now that I have been working from home out of our third bedroom/home office/junk room--- I've been inspired to make some changes. I feel like this is the room in our house that becomes a home to those certain things that don't have a real home. It's the catch all room. It houses my craft stuff, sewing things, our computer, my husband's fishing/hunting gear. It's in need of a makeover. So.... I think that Marianne and I may make a run to ATL tomorrow and head to Ikea. What better place to find inexpensive home office storage? Oh, and I just went and read Marianne's blog. It made me laugh. We are obviously on the same page when it comes to having home offices on the brain. See her posts from yesterday and today!
There are so many great 'creative spaces' out there... here are some that I find inspiring.

*sources: 1: House and Home, 2: Heather Bailey, 3: Ross Kenan Interiors, 4-12: BHG

Mirror, Mirror on the wall....


A huge thank you to each of you who responded last week about the sunburst mirrors. I love all three... but have decided on the first one (from Ballard Designs). I really like the second one- but I think the first one is my favorite. Sweet Rachel from Nest Egg emailed me this photo from this month's Veranda... very similar to the first mirror. And it looks great on the white-ish walls.

I hope everyone had a great weekend... and that your Monday is off to a great start!

which do you like best?


I'm putting together a few things for the beach condo that I am working on. I still love sunburst mirrors and want to do one above the sofa in the living area. Which do you like best?

#2- Nate Berkus Sunburst Mirror

Sundial Mirror from Shoestring Home

I know which one I am leaning towards... but am interested to see which one you prefer!

Two Ellie


Blog friends are the best. What a nice surprise to log on this morning to catch up on my daily reads and see that Paula at Two Ellie had posted about my new Etsy shop.

Paula, thank you.... so very thoughtful of you. If you don't know Paula- you are missing out. I met her through the blog world and have gotten the chance to spend a little bit of time with her since we both live in Birmingham. She is beautiful on the inside and out! She has the sweetest spirit and I just adore her. I am sure most of you read her blog... but if you don't, go check it out here.

Paula- Thanks again. And thanks to all of you for your sweet comments and support of this new path that I'm traveling down. It means so much to me.

xx- Brooke

Reserve a Week


If you've been following my blog for awhile- you probably know that one of my favorite places is Sun Valley, Idaho. A few posts that I've done on SV can be seen here.
A friend (knowing my love for SV) sent me a link to a vacation rental in Ketchum (the town of Sun Valley). It's beautiful- both inside and out. While I can't swing the nightly price tag to rent this fabulous house... I do plan to scout it out the next time I'm out that way.

Yes, below is the 'laundry room'....

*all photos via