A New Project


I have a new project brewing at my house..... turning my guest room (or the office) into a nursery. Yes, that's right- I am pregnant. About 3 1/2 months today. Does that help explain why I've been MIA for the past couple of months? I've been exhausted and have put blogging on the back burner. But I'm back. I know it's a busy time of the year with Christmas coming up- but I promise to be a better blogger.

Now on to the nursery. I haven't thought much about it but it's starting to creep into my thoughts. Michael and I are not finding out what we are having (people have a hard time believing this) so I'll be designing a gender neutral nursery. I have a feeling that it won't look much different than if I did find out if I was having a boy or girl. I just love a neutral color scheme. The walls will more than likely be Monterey White by BM (to go along with every other wall in my house)- but everything else is up for discussion. If you are a frequent reader of my blog- you know what I like by seeing the photos/houses/etc. that I post. So, I would love any input on anything. If you've seen a baby bed bed or bedding or a chandelier that you think that I would like- please let me know.

I really do need help. I just went to my house file on my computer and opened my nursery folder and had two photos. TWO. Oh my goodness. I need some inspiration! Here is the nursery that I have saved...

Things I'm Loving


I've let the busyness of life take over and I've neglected so many things that I love: blogs, magazines, my quiet time, time in the kitchen, friends & family {not in that particular order!}. While I am so very thankful for how busy I've been with my new little business--- I am so very thankful for a week off.

I spent some time yesterday and again this morning catching up on some of my favorite blogs... and looking at a very large stack of magazines that I've let pile up these past couple of months.

Here are a few of my favorites:

This house in the newest issue of House Beautiful. I LOVED it. And Marianne just posted about it. Head on over to her blog for a tour. And if you don't have a copy of the magazine- I would suggest picking one up.

This kitchen designed by Tracery. No words are needed. Just soak in the details.

This bedroom redo that Jennifer posted about at The Newlywed Diaries. Amazing. And I was finally able to see it in my November issue of Southern Living. I've been catching up on my blog and magazine reading this week.

This stenciled wall that Lauren just completed. Oh my gosh. I just don't think that I would have the patience. Go check it out here.
The view from my blogging spot. Yes, I'm at the beach. We arrived on Saturday and will be here until Thursday. It's so nice to get away.

And last but not least... my afternoon destination . Gotta find something to do while the husband is on a fishing excursion!
One last thing- a little shout out to my mom. I hope your birthday is great and I can't wait to see you on Thursday! xo- brooke

Tablescape on a Budget


A couple of weeks ago- we had a Ladies' Night Out at my church. Each community group was in charge of providing a "Holiday Table" for the night. And guess who was nominated by my class? I knew I had to come up with something practical (and on a budget). I decided to take advantage of the magnolia tree in my front yard.

Each tablescape was uniquely different. Several tables were set up as if for a sit down dinner. But I wanted to set one up as if I was serving food at a party (since my house isn't large enough to host a sit down dinner).

Disclaimer: Please excuse the quality of the photos. And please excuse the band equipment in the background. My table was set up in the front of the fellowship hall--- and was pushed up against the stage.

A few details:
I covered the round table in burlap and attached magnolia branches using safety pins around the perimeter.
I made 'magnolia trees' for the center using styrofoam cones and pinning on magnolia leaves with straight pins. At first- I misted the trees with a metallic spray paint. But wasn't happy with the result so I redid them and left them natural.

I wanted to keep everything simple--- so I used my pottery from Mississippi (McCarty) and kept to the brown and white scheme.
An upclose detail- moss covered wreaths attached with a pretty ribbon. I took small grapevine wreaths and hotglued moss onto them and attached them with a ribbon to a class canister. All supplies were from Hobby Lobby except candles and canisters were from The Dollar Tree.

And that's it. A simple, budget-friendly tablescape for the holidays. Just thought I would share in case anyone was needing any ideas of how to decorate on a budget for the holidays.
*And a special thank you to my sweet friend, Sidney, for posting my Christmas cards on her blog yesterday. If you haven't already checked out her blog- head on over. It's so great!

When and How?

When do you decorate for Christmas? (Jennifer's post got my mind turning on this one).
I'm the day after Thanksgiving kind of girl. That's when our tree goes up, wreath goes on the door, and... I'm not sure what else? I have a small house- so there isn't a room to do a lot.

I do have some Christmas dishes that I put out on my table. Maybe a dish towel here or there in the kitchen. And I think that's about it. Oh, and since we've lived in Birmingham (and have access to a big magnolia tree in our front yard)- I do bring in some branches and locate them around the house.

So when do you decorate for Christmas? And how? What all do you do around your house?

*all images via Martha Stewart
And a reminder of the real reason for the season:

Home Run


I'm back. Thanks for all of the well wishes for the trunk show. We had a great time and wonderful turnout of supporters.

Saturday I headed to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta for a day of shopping with a friend. We didn't fill up the truck with much... but we did have a great time!

I spent most of Sunday afternoon responding to emails, catching up on a few blogs (not all that are on my list), and trying to start on the stack of magazines that are piled up around my living room. I was able to settle in with the December issue of Elle Decor and I just loved this gallery wall. It makes me want to head back to Scott's- buy a lot of frames- and come home and make them work on a wall in my house.
And some other great images of this Manhattan apartment....

And can you imagine having a bedroom like this when you were 9 or 10 years old?

Images via Elle Decor, December 2009.

Fall Break


No, I haven't been on fall break. But once again I've been MIA {this time with a good excuse}. I've been getting ready for this (see postcard below). We're hoping for a great turnout. If you are in Meridian, Mississippi on Thursday- please stop by!
. I've been busy preparing for it (design Christmas cards and sewing away)- as well as updating my Etsy shop. I'm hoping that things will calm down after Thursday. My posts will probably be scarce this week- but I promise to be back next week with a more regular schedule. Thanks for your patience with me and thank you to those who are still reading Blueprint Bliss. I really appreciate each one of you.
And every post needs a little bit of eye candy. I'm sure you've seen
this house in the past week. I just can't stop staring at this photo.
Be back soon. xx- Brooke

Birmingham House Tour


The fun thing about having close friends that are as designed obsessed as you are is that great houses like these show up in your inbox. While neither of us are looking for a new house... we still love to see what's available near us. This house is located in Crestline and is a 4/3 on Cherry Street. I hope you enjoy the tour!

And my favorite part of the house:

Anthro Fix


I love Anthropologie. Just love. But my checking account doesn't (most of the time). So I have been getting a little bit of my Anthro fix by shopping at Ruche. Similar looks... but for a fraction of the price. Here are some of my fall favorites....