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While this isn't a design related post- it is something that is very dear to my heart. For the past few weeks I have been working on the 3rd annual Jenny's Light golf tournament that is coming up on June 19th here in Birmingham. I don't know how many of you know about Jenny's Light- but I know that a lot of my readers are females in the 'baby' stage of life. Even if you aren't- you probably are close to someone who is and we can all benefit from JL's and their mission.

In December of 2007, Michael and I lost a sweet friend and her infant son to postpartum depression. We knew Jenny through her husband, Chip, who at the time was an ortho resident with Michael at UAB.

Jenny's Light mission is to improve and save lives by increasing awareness of all perinatal mood disorders including postpartum depression.

You can read more about Jenny's story here.
If you are in the Birmingham area and want to help with the golf tournament that is on June 19th- please let me know. We love volunteers. We are in the process of making a blog with more info--- I hope to have it updated by this weekend. If you aren't in the Birmingham area- all I ask is that you:
You don't have to make a monetary donation (although it's always welcome).... but it would be great if you would get the word out about postpartum depression. Let people know about Jenny's Light and let those who are suffering from postpartum know that they are people out there that are willing to help.
Here are a couple of photos from last year's tournament here in Birmingham.
Bus, Brad, Michael, my Dad, and me
(I'm not on their golf team--- I just come for support!)
Thanks for reading this post. It means a lot to me and to the volunteers of Jenny's Light.


A Perfect Gray said...

thanks for sharing her story; I followed the link. what a wonderful tribute you all are making in their memory....strength and prayers for you all...

Haven and Home said...

Jenny's story is always somewhere in my mind, always breaking my heart. I am here to help, just give me a call!

Alphabet Designs said...

I would love to help! Seriously email me or call me!

Susie (So Blessed) said...

i am so glad you posted on this...
it is near and dear to my heart
as it is so evidently with so
many people. i'm so thankful that
this awareness in memory of jenny
and graham continues...though i never
met them, i was profoundly touched and
deeply affected by their story.
i continue to keep chip and all
of jenny's family in my prayers.
may each person who helps or donates
to this cause be blessed.

love you,

Angie said...

Such a devistating story.

red ticking said...

this is such a tragic story... i will pray for chip and the entire family..

sarah :: this is jackson riley said...

thank you for supporting and spreading hope for those who are struggling with postpartum depression. you're in my thoughts...

paula said...

my heart just broke. we'll talk soon.

Katie said...

this is a wonderfully worthy cause...and so very important to address. good luck!

Melissa said...

I have not yet clicked on the link but plan to after this post - so great you are honoring the memory and helping others in need! Amazing.

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