Thank you!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the sweet comments that you left about Baby C's nursery. I really appreciate each and every one. Thank you!
I've been busy around here trying to get last minute things done to prepare for his or her arrival which has left very little time for blogging. But I think I've caught up and now have some time to relax do some things that I enjoy. Problem is--- I just haven't been feeling very creative lately. I want to feel creative and have been reading all kinds of blogs--- it just hasn't hit me. But hopefully soon.
My husband keeps telling me to rest... but it's hard for me. I am always finding something to do. He doesn't quite understand it. I loved this quote that I saw on It's Mary Ruffle and knew that many of you could relate:
Have a great Wednesday!


The Girl and the Cupcake said...

That is so funny and so true!

Lindsey said...

The nursery is absolutely gorgeous!

And I completely understand where you are coming from...I am officially due tomorrow and I am constantly cleaning and moving things around and re-cleaning.

Good luck with the little babe!

Susie (So Blessed) said...

...I understand it! maybe your lack of creativity right now IS an invitation and perfect opportunity to rest before the baby comes!

love you,

Meals by Misty said...

The other teachers on my hall laugh at me because I focus so much on everything looking nice...well, that was until I got pregnant and now all I do is focus on babies room looking nice. NOT to mention the insane amount of clothes I keep buying him. I can't help it...I just want everything including him to look nice! I'm still on the hunt for a chair. I'll keep ya posted!

bluehydrangea said...

So true!! Nothing is better than sprucing up.

Jennifer said...

can totally relate! also to the lack of inspiration ... sometimes it just doesn't flow!

megan said...

great quote! i live that everyday! many blessings for you and baby C!

Heather said...

so true! love the quote...what an exciting time for you! enjoy it!

melissa richie said...

man, that quote it PERFECT. i need to embroider it and frame it. when i need to think, get rid of excess energy, etc, i clean :) that's my way of making things look nice. glad there are artists like you who can make things pretty.

i am also glad you're at least trying to rest a bit and enjoying these last few days. it's a total man thing, i think, that they can't understand how we always want to "do". i'm amazed at how easy it is for thomas to just flip a switch and relax! i'm always thinking of the next thing on my list.

can't wait to hear the news!!!

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