Fun Finds


As you can imagine- things have been quite busy around my house with a new little one. I promise to be back soon with design related posts. But right now all I know is baby stuff and a few shopping trips here and there for some non-maternity clothes!
I received a gift in the mail today for Collins and was so excited to find these inside. I was not familiar with this brand--- and these are the softest, thickest burp cloths that I've ever seen. And they are fashionable on top of that. They are by Baby JaR. Check out the site here. Lots of great baby gift ideas for yourself or a friend.
Another fun gift that we received recently is this precious baby kerchief/bib by Zebi Baby.
Okay, off of the baby subject and on to clothes. I found both of these dresses at Target in the girl's department. They often have cute clothes and for half the price. And their L and XL sizes work for me. I know that these first two dresses are the same dress- but just different patterns. I didn't mind for $12 each.


My sister had on this
smocked denim dress last week and it looked so great on her. So I snagged myself one while in Target this morning (found in the juniors department).

I'll be back to posting on design soon. But my first priority is to get Collins' birth announcements in the mail and to finish writing thank you notes!


Design Esquire said...

Those burp cloths are adorable!! I love the dresses too, but I don't think they would fit me :)

Moxie Maley said...

Loving the dresses, and the baby finds are great too!

megan said...

I have eyed those dresses at Target as well. At 5'-1" they work for me also. My SIL worn the denim dress this past weekend and it was adorable on her. Great choices!

Trish said... fun to wear non-prego clothes, huh? I'll never forget how great that felt. Of course, when one is 5' 2" and gains 80 lbs with full-term twins.....anything less than a mumu a la Mrs. Roper feels sensational! I'm going to check out those dresses - thanks for the hot tip.

Susie (So Blessed) said...

Love the burp cloths...what a precious gift!

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Congrats on the birth of your baby boy!

Haven and Home said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who checks out the jrs/girls!

melissa richie said...

love those dresses...i may get one and get vale a tiny one to match! so fun!

hope you're feeling great today.

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