3 Things


I've been catching up on my magazine reading this week. Three things that I've seen that I have loved:
1. Seeing Rachel on the cover of G&G. As well as her two page spread inside. Congrats, Rachel!
2. This wall covering by Weitzner Limited. It has a linen surface with a backing that attracts magnets. I think I would like to use this somewhere in my next house--- maybe in a playroom or somewhere in the kitchen.

3. Another item on my kitchen list--- one of this vintage mason jars. I always see them at flea markets and wonder what I could do with one or two or a few. Now I will pick up one and use it as a soap dispenser for my kitchen sink. Love the vintage zinc lid. Just add a soap dispenser pump ($3.75; onedreamdesign.com).


Julie Holloway said...

I love your 3 things...this can be a fun series! Aren't you proud of Rachel? She is so talented (and pretty, smart, funny). Have a good weekend!

Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design said...

I am going out this weekend to get the new issue of G & G to read Rachel's article. Thanks for the soap dispenser tip! I can put some of my mason jars to use!

Ms. Bright said...

We just got our G&G! Can't wait to read the article! Enjoy your weekend!!

Melissa said...

I have never bought G&G before but thinking I am going to have to snag this issue and I absolutely love the idea of the Ball jar as a dispenser. perfect for our cabin.

Hill Country House Girl said...

Love that picture of Rachel on the cover of Garden & Gun, and that soap dispenser pump is about the most clever thing I have seen in a long time!

The Consummate Hostess said...

Love the idea of the soap in the Ball jar- how great!

paula said...

these are all great. I need to go pick up G&G.

Katharine Fuchs said...

You and I are two peas in a pod! I LOOVVVEEE G&G, I need to do a post on them soon. And I collect old robin's egg blue Ball Jars. I have spares...want me to send you one?


Gramercy Home said...

Great "finds." Bon Weekend!

melissa richie said...

thank you, thank you for posting that about the mason jars! i grew up canning veggies every summer with my family, and thus, there are always some mason jars lying around. they may not be vintage, but they'd still look great as soap dispensers...and they're definitely better than the $ 1.99 Softsoap "Seascape" motif I have in my bathroom right now :)

Lila said...

I love the mason jar soap dispenser! I could totally do that!
Lila Ferraro

AB HOME Interiors said...

I followed Rachel's blog while the house was being done. So glad she made the cover! Loved your three things!

Deliciously Organized said...

I love Rachel's blog, what a beautiful cover! She looks gorgeous and I love that swing.

And I LOVE the mason jar idea..

Anne said...

they have some great vintage mason jars on ebay---some people have huge collections that I've been tempted to buy... just to buy something else fun to fill them with!

Collins is soo adorable!

nestegg said...

I have been so bad at reading blogs!! You are so sweet to include me. Thank you! I'm still in shock. Was not expecting the cover!
I love your other two random finds. Especially the linen surface with magnet backing... I need that!

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