Little Savannah


I am thinking that this will be food week on Blueprint Bliss. I've had so many great meals lately... so I thought that I'd share.

We started off yesterday with JCT. in Atlanta. They are even open for lunch... so plan on stopping by the next time you plan a shopping trip that way.

Yesterday was Michael's birthday. We had a babysitter come and keep Collins and we headed to our favorite restaurant in our neighborhood--- Little Savannah. I think that Little Savannah is my favorite place to eat dinner in Birmingham (with Hot & Hot, Bottega Cafe, and Chez Fon Fon following closely behind).

Here is a sample of last night's menu. You may have to enlarge but I circled in green Michael's favorite part.

Exterior as you walk up...

Inside looking out....

Changing gears... to oatmeal. I saw this on Bonnie's blog last week (just linked the post and realized she had linked mine to my pumpkin bread. Guess we like to swap recipes!). So this morning I tried it. Super easy and so good.

Today I am going to lunch with one of my favorite design friends to one of my favorite lunch spots. Check back tomorrow for more on that!
Speaking of liking to eat.... this little one does. I love to squeeze on those thighs!


doug @ tracery interiors said...

your favorite design friend is already starving...I should have walked a little further and got some breakfast before I started my time in AT&T repairman purgatory.

Katie @ Noodle and Boof said...

YUM! Hot and Hot is one of my faves. Never made it to Little Savannah. One more reason to come back to Bham and have a weekend just to eat! I miss Surin, Gianmarco's, and Hot and Hot!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

love him! and love all his smocked outfits. I asked someone in my sewing class if that was popular up here, I got a big fat "NO". My baby will be bringing it up here:)

abode love said...

I love Little Savanah as well! I actually displayed some of my art there a few years ago- and that's where Mr.Hubbs proposed to me! So fun to see Little Savannah as part of your post! Love it!

Lila said...

Such a lovely restaurant! I wish I lived close by to try it! Oh, and oatmeal recipes are always a great find!
Lila Ferraro

Laurel said...

He is getting sooo big. He is adorable in that little smocked outfit. I read the other day that yall are moving back to Mississippi. Congratulations!! Phillips just signed a contract with Covington, LA. So we will be down here for good. Yall have to come visit us in NOLA soon!!!!

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