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I have had Christmas on my mind this week. I've been thinking about gifts for family and friends, decorating, and Christmas cards. By the way, some of you have emailed me about Christmas cards. I have a few of my designs and the information posted here. Since most of my orders are via email--- it was easier to set it up that way, rather than using Etsy.

These images have me longing to bring a little of the outdoors in... and for cooler temperatures.

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TTI said...

I love Christmas, but I am not ready at all this year! It will be our last Christmas in the current house, so the kids are expecting us to decorate to the just seems like there is so much going on right now. But these are the things that are really important in a kid's life, right?

Cara said...

I am SOO ready to decorate!!
"KEEP CALM" A Giveaway is Going On!

Mrs. French said...

I am so there too. I like to have everything done by thanksgiving so that way after thanksgiving then i can just decorate. This year I am hosting Christmas. I officially feel like a grown up, ha!

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

That second image makes me want to curl up, love it! Sad that we will not be in our own home this year for the holidays, so I hope you post a lot of images of what you do so I can still get all excited! xo

Stephanie Sabbe said...

love that Gaudi looking chair in the right corner of the second pic!

Lila said...

I love that the Christmas Spirit is in the air! These photos are totally appropriate!
Lila Ferraro

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