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You may remember from this post last fall where I was introduced to the work of M. Elle Design. I was immediately drawn to their work--- their use of neutrals paired with texture and natural elements. So I was excited to see their personal vacation home in this month's Elle Decor. And you would know that I love it even more since it is located in one of my favorite places: Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho. Heaven on Earth. Sorry for all of the photos--- I just couldn't resist. This is one of those homes that makes my heart skip a beat.

*Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna



O Lord that lends me life, Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.

~William Shakespeare

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Keeping Room Project: Before & After


While I love every minute of being a stay-at-home mom--- it's been fun to have a project or two to work on in my free time. I enjoy it and it keeps me feeling creative and inspired. This project is one that I did for one of my dear friends from college.  This is their keeping room/kitchen- the place in their house where they spend the most time as a family of four. We had so much fun working together and I am so glad she is pleased with the outcome! Katey was such a great sport! She was able to get some new things for the space... but she was also great about doing a few DIY projects so that she could incorporate a few things that they already owned, but didn't love.

Keeping Room/ Kitchen before:

And After:

I have a short waiting list for e-design clients (since I only take on one or two at a time)---  but please let me know if you are interested. I'd love to help you update your space!

current project


Thanks to all of you for commenting to share how you display your Christmas cards each year. I loved everyone's ideas. But I'll have to say--- this one was my favorite and I think I will start this tradition this year:

Mandi Smith T said...
I put all the cards we are get in the current season in a lacquered tray on the coffee table in our family room (so people who visit us can go through them). Then at the end of the year, I tie them up with a pretty red satin ribbon. I have bundles for every year I have been married (12) and I place them under our Christmas tree (before we have any present to put under it). Then at least one night during December, my husband and I sit down with a glass of wine and pick a year or two to go through. I am always amazed at how young everybody looks and how much cards have changed over the years. Some of the children are grown and married now! Very fun tradition for us. So, if you have ever sent me a Christmas card, I still have it.

On another note--- I've been working with a friend on updating her keeping room. Here's a sneak peek. I'll be sure to post before and after photos next week.

*She has two little boys... and the baskets on the bottom shelf are perfect for storing a few of their toys.

How do you display....


the Christmas cards you receive? I've already had a lot of people order Christmas cards from me this year. So many people are on the ball. I am impressed. But it made me think about what happens to them once people receive them. Do you keep yours? Display them for others to see? Toss to the side? I'd love to know.


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I am really liking the idea of shelves on either side of the cooktop... it seems so practical for keeping spics & seasonings handy.

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at west end


I received a catalog (At West End) in the mail a few weeks ago and enjoyed flipping through and looking at the unique things it had to offer. I was emailing my mom to tell her about it when I realized that the store is located in Jackson, Mississippi--- the town where I lived for a few years after college. Here are just a few of the unique things they have in their catalog and online:








Lots of neat, neat items. I encourage you to go check them out here. And the best part is--- they offer $5 shipping (any order, any size)!

a new look (thanks to carolyn v)!!!


Blueprint Bliss has been in need of a blog makover for awhile. But I didn't really know what to do. And then a few weeks ago I hit a button and deleted my layout and couldn't get it back. So what better time for a makeover?

I read lots and lots of design blogs... but often find myself blog hopping to other subjects. One of those is P is for Party. Carolyn designed it and I loved the look of it- so I knew she and I would work well together.I could sing Carolyn V.'s praises I just LOVE everything that she did for me and my blog.

She is from Texas but is currently living in Austria while her husband works on his post doctorate. She found herself unemployed {due to the fact that she doesn't speak German} so she started designing blog layouts. You can see some of her blog designs and pricing here.

Here is what Carolyn has to say:

I work hard to make each blog design fit and accurately represent the blog and blogger. This is not a "slap on a sweet font in a standard frame'' kind of operation. With a knack for clean and up-to-date designs, I keep in mind basic design principles to improve the readability and functionality, as well as the aesthetics, of your blog.

I truly enjoy doing this. What started out as a hobby in my unemployed, German learning, Schnitzel-eating early Austrian days has turned into a small, but sweet little venture.

If you are in need of a design makeover--- I encourage to use Carolyn. Super easy to work with and very affordable! Carolyn.... thank you, thank you.

getting ready


I have had Christmas on my mind this week. I've been thinking about gifts for family and friends, decorating, and Christmas cards. By the way, some of you have emailed me about Christmas cards. I have a few of my designs and the information posted here. Since most of my orders are via email--- it was easier to set it up that way, rather than using Etsy.

These images have me longing to bring a little of the outdoors in... and for cooler temperatures.

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