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Happy New Year!

*via Sacramento Street

My House Inspiration: Living Room


I don't know how I did it---  but I finished up my Christmas list of things to do early this year. Christmas cards have been sent out and all gifts have been wrapped and under the tree for a couple of weeks now.

Remember this post? It's my excuse for the lack of blog posts. Our time to move to Mississippi is approaching. Just 6 months away. I'm planning on meeting with my contractor next week while I am there to price out some things that I want to do to the house. There are MANY things on my list... we will just have to figure out what can be done and when.

I thought I would share a few images that have been inspiring me and that I have been using as a guide. Up today is the living room:

Betty Burgess Design, Atlanta GA

And the winner of the MyFling necklace giveaway is:

Casie said...
What a lovely necklace.
December 13, 2010 8:09 PM

Casie- please email me at blueprintbliss@gmail.com. Thanks for everyone who participated!



A dear friend recently gave me a subscription to House and Home for my birthday. Such a fun and thoughtful gift. Don't you just love those friends who know you so well to give you something like this? I love looking at H&H online--- so I'm very excited to have it delivered to my mailbox each month!

MyFling Giveaway


You may remember this post talking about my necklace that has Collins' initials on it. Lisa of MyFling on Etsy did a great job of executing my design idea. I love it and have received so many compliments on it.

Now it's your turn to have one of your own (thanks to Lisa!). All you have to do is a leave a comment on this post. I will pick one winner at random. You will have your choice of necklace: silver, gold, or antique brass with the initials you provide. Giveaway is open to US residents and will end at midnight on Friday, December 17th. You will receive your necklace by the new year.

Collins' Initial Necklace
Collins Handstamped GOLD necklace

Collins Handstamped Brass Necklace

And if happen not to win--- I encourage you to order one of your own. Gold is $35, silver is $25, and antique brass is $20. You can't beat the price for such a unique and thoughtful gift (for your friends or for yourself)!

this may surprise you.....


Color isn't my thing. I love neutrals. You know this.  So it may come as a surprise to you {as it recently did to some of my close friends} that I use colored lights on my tree... along with a hodge-podge of ornaments. I think I like it this way because it reminds me of our Christmas tree from growing up. I can't wait to have some ornaments made by Collins in the coming years. Who doesn't love dried macaroni noodles glued on a piece of paper?

My gifts wrapped and under the tree.... my theme this year was kraft paper mixed with green and gold. {sorry for the blurry pic}

As for the rest of the Christmas decor in my house--- I like to keep it fresh and simple. Here is what's on the table that is next to my front door: a small pot of rosemary, a Sally Legg bowl with my Christmas cards, and a wooden star ornament hanging on the mirror.

 A white poinsettia....

Some juniper berries in a vase on my coffee table.....

A small boxwood wreath...

 And a larger boxwood wreath on my front door.

And that's it! Like I said... fresh and simple.

busy as a bee


It's just that time of year. And this year is even more busy with a 6 month old {a good busy- which I love!}. I just want to apologize why my posts will be more spread out over the next few weeks until things settle back down. I am trying to spend less time on the computer and more time on the things (and people) around me that I've neglected lately.

gift guide :: for the little ones


Today I thought I would share a gift guide for the little ones {this is pretty much Collins' wish list!}. Since he is only 6 months old (today!- which is hard to believe)--- he doesn't need a lot. But family and friends were asking for gift ideas so here are a few things that I came up with. Let me know if you have anything great to add to the list.

$16.99 each

$36-46 each



(love the wooden toys by M&D--- you can often find them at Home Goods)

(not only looks cute but is easy to remove and wash)


(can't wait to show you a photo of Collins in his!)


it's the little changes...


... that make a big difference.

I had this lamp from Target that I paired with a dark brown burlap shade. It was okay... but I didn't love it.

I spray painted the base with a dark bronze spray paint and added a natural burlap shade. It made such a difference {to me}. (Thanks, DD, for the inspiration!)

Changing gears to clothing.  I saw this coat for half off at Old Navy and loved the gray wool and the ruffle collar. But did not care for those black shiny buttons.

 So I changed out the shiny black to some brown horn buttons. Much better.

 Detail of the buttons: