My House Inspiration: Mud & Play


You will walk into a large room when entering the side of our house from the garage/driveway. I am planning on it being the playroom (sofa, tv, toys, toys, and more toys). It is off of the kitchen--- so it will be a great place for Collins & Co. to play while I am cooking or in laundry room (which I am planning to also be off of the playroom- but this can be saved for another blog post). When planning finishes for this room--- I started thinking that it will also serve as an entry/mudroom of sorts. I know that it will be the room that everything gets dropped in when entering the house.

There are so many designs elements that I like in each of these below.... I'm designing away in my head as I type. Here are a few of the images inspiring the entry/mudroom part of the room:

I am going to try my best for Tanner's bed to reside in this room.
I love the way both of these are designed for the furry members of the family:

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Melissa said...

Wow I love all of those mudrooms! I wish I had a mudroom. How fun to plan your house and make sure it is fully functional.

Cat said...

Mmmmmm, why do I like #5 the best? :) Love the doggie bed idea.

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

This past weekend I was held up at my desk doing mill-work drawings for our new home and the mud room was the first room to get completed. I ended up going for a design that incorporates 'lockers' with lids for storage, hooks for coats & bags, 2 shelves up above for baskets topped with crown molding...and a large seating bench in the middle with a built-in shoe rack below.
I know living here with the snow & muck we need a large space for the boots, coats, hats, scarfs, and my slight bag addiction.
All of your inspiration images have wonderful elements and I can't wait to see what you end up with for this area of your new home!! And BTW, in our last home we had the dog bed under the seating bench, we had a pug so that was more than enough space for her chubby bum, it was out of the way and she loved it, just a thought! xo

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Oh what I would do for that kind of space! We are tripping over each other! :)

Kelly Galvin Robson said...

Great post! Love all of these images!

Lisa said...

Love them all. The mudroom is so important to me that I spent a lot of money creating one in my current home last year. It's not very big, but it serves it's purpose very well!

paula said...

so in love. My favorite piece is the in my home is the big coat/cubby/ thing in our entry. Makes life so much easier.

Chic Coles said...

This is the space that gets the most attention.Once it is clean the whole house feels better.

LLH Designs said...

I wish I had a mudroom! Have you ever visited the blog "Playing Sublimely"? She has a mudroom post up right now, too.

Hope you have a great week!

Tim Capaldi said...

Mudrooms are so functional and have become such a hot item. If you're a dog person and you can find a way to do it, put a dog shower in that mudroom.

JackPCS said...

The problem with a foyer or mudroom is that it can become a magnet for clutter, despite our best intentions. Having an organizational scheme in place an help, but most of the problem is attitudinal; we're accustomed to regarding a mudroom as a place to pas through, not a place to actually spend time, and so it's easy to ignore until it becomes so disgusting that it's a chore even to pass though. My Mom used to always keep a potted plant in the entryway -- a fig tree, I think? -- because it required her to spend mindful, purposeful time there to water and prune it. Which made it easier to think about the entryway as a whole, and to keep it up. Something to think about, anyway.
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