love list


1. Everything from Oliva Manna. But especially these items:

Image of Pennant Sticker Sheets

Image of Aged Shipping Tags

Image of Divine Twine Mini Pack

2. This new scent from Dove:
3. This top from Anthropologie:

4. This simple entryway:

5. This little mister:


Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

Oh my, Collins is getting SO big!!! He is just adorable. :)
That entry is wonderful, just another image that makes me consider dark passage doors for the new home.

lizziefitz said...

Collins is crazy cute! I use to take pictures of my baby girl in her crib every month to mark her milestones...sitting up , standing, etc. That top from Anthro is so chic. Why am I too cheap to buy that but I will drop that same amount on fabric remnants that I have no real plan for, ugg?

Haven and Home said...

Love all of these especially the last one!!!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

look how cute he is! you remind me that I still need to order a couple of the smocking plates I found! I want to do something exactly like Collins outfit for easter. Shoes? Do you put him in those little white hightop shoes?

Cat said...

so cute! everything, but especially collins. :)

LLH Designs said...

I love your love list! I'm starting a gratitude list today...on paper. Maybe it will find it's way to the blog.

BTW, I'm just loving the soothing, simple layout of your blog!


paula said...

love him! need to see and you soon. Olive manna is my go to shop. love the entry and the top... Guess I could just say I love this post!

bluehydrangea said...

Love it all but Collins is too dang cute!!!

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