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I just opened my mail and received this painting that I ordered on Etsy from this seller. I love it. Thanks, Charlotte!

AFAR, oil painting, 100% charity donation, original painting, 5"x7"

Really like this console that I first spotted here

Aiden 3-Shelf Console | World Market

Thinking about using these bar stools
 (I think when I looked at them last week they were $69.99. Or I could have made that up. Did anyone else happen to see that?)

Twist Swivel Stool | World Market

Saw this kitchen while blog hopping this morning. This makes me rethink open shelves. Filing this away in my 'one day' file.

I opened a fun email in my inbox this weekend letting me know that I won these pillows on Elizabeth's first giveaway! I think I have the perfect spot for them in the new house.

Happy Monday!


Julie said...

I'm telling ya, once you go with open shelving you won't go back :) Hope y'all had a great Easter! Julie

jen @ design blossom said...

I love that console table! Also, that artwork is amazing. Happy Monday!

My Interior Life said...

Love them and am so jealous you won that giveaway!

Melissa Richie said...

That painting is fabulous. I'm saving her etsy shop in my bookmark list, and I really love that she gives away all of her profits.

I also love those bar stools...I'm contemplating adding an island in our kitchen, but the task overwhelms me. However, having a bar for the kids to sit at will be well worth the addition, I think.

Julie said...

Oh my, I absolutely love that painting! said...

Love that kitchen shot. I think we are going to go with open shelving in the lake house.

Congrats on the pillow win! Very cute. :-)

Jennifer said...

saved that Etsy seller and kitchen last week! and that console looks pretty good in person - the whole collection does, really.

Cove Design said...
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Cove and Grey said...

I am loving the combinations of photos that you put together! Beautiful!

seventh sister said...

I had open shelves in a kitchen a few years ago and hated them. Everything gets dusty and if they are too near the range, everything gets grimey as well. If you have a lot of time and want to wash everything you put up there every other week or so or if you live where there is very little dust, go for it.

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