House Tour : Downstairs (Before)


Thanks to all of you who have inquired but have patiently waited on the photos of the new house. We closed on Friday and demo started today. I ran by this morning to take some before photos and thought I would share them with you! I hope you don't get tired of these posts. My blog over the next few months will be my online journal of this process! We plan to do a good bit of work downstairs to update the house to reflect our style. The only thing that might have to wait is the master bathroom so it will not be demo'd this week with the other things (it will be reevaluated with the budget once we get moving with the rest).

This is the playroom... as you enter the backdoor off of the driveway/garage (washer/dryer used to reside behind the closet doors on the right):

 You come up 3 steps from the playroom into the kitchen (my demo guys tearing out the kitchen cabinets):

Looking back towards the playroom opening:

The formal dining room is off of the kitchen:

Hallway off of the kitchen (this view) and foyer is down to your right: 

Walking up from the den looking into foyer:

 Powder bath is to your left:

Front door entering foyer looking towards den (formal living to right and dining to the left):

Formal Living Room off of the foyer:

 Dining Room off of the foyer:

Stairs leading up:


More of the den (paneled walls in the den to hide 3' deep storage):

Master Bedroom:

Master Bathroom:

Shower to your right and tub to the right beyond it:

And that concludes the tour of the downstairs. I'll post upstairs and the plans for there soon (although 99% of the work/budget is being completed downstairs)!


Goose Vintage said...

That's some house! Can't wait to see what you do with it, something fabulous no doubt!

lizziefitz said...

Bonus rooms galore! A playroom and den :)))) Please keep posting , I LOVE the process!

Pine Tree Home said...

Lots of space. Look forward to seeing your redo journey.

Ginger said...

Thanks so much for posting your reno. We will be relocating to AZ soon, and I am pretty sure we will have to be doing major reno to whatever home we build. I love seeing other before and afters to get an idea of what can be done.

Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design said...

Looking forward to watching your project unfold! said...

Wow, you and I are going to be on the same renovation boat the next few months. Although the house you are renovating looks a bit larger than ours. I am very excited for you and your family and look forward to following you on your journey!


Sarah Beth said...

excited to see the remodel!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

sooooooo excited!

Cat said...

Oh my goodness! They haven't updated in a while! :) Can't wait to see what you do. I know it will be beautiful. how exciting!

Interior Design Musings said...

How exciting!! Glad things are moving for you. Can't wait to see the afters. M.

paula said...

It's going to be beautiful Brooke! So excited for you.

Melissa Richie said...

So fun to see pictures! What potential! I can't believe all the space you'll have. I can't wait to see what you do with it. You're so talented, I know it's going to be amazing.

Jen Allyson said...

What an awesome house!! We just closed on our house 6 weeks ago and we're 3 weeks away from moving in. It's not as big and beautiful as yours, but we gutted it all down to drywall and started over. It's been a blast getting it all worked on. I'm excited to see yours as it gets done! have fun!!

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