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... of options out there as far as kitchen backsplash options. And I am all over the place. I am doing white honed marble on my kitchen and wet bar countertops.

I first considered subway tile. It's simple and classic. But I have it in my kitchen now and think that I want to do something different.

Then I thought about white marble slab to match the countertops... but think that might be too much solid white marble.

Third... horizontal wood planking. I just don't think I can do this with so many pretty tile options out there.

Here are some mosaic options that are interesting. {Side note about my kitchen--- layout is L-shaped with a break in the long counter with a window/windowseat. Cooktop will be in island. So there is no large span of a space that will have a splash...} With that said... maybe I should do something fun and different!

This one is simple but with a little bit of interest (and is inexpensive):

Or a mini brick pattern:

Product Details

Or a simple glass:
contemporary kitchen tile Tempo Bamboo Mosaic

LOVE these glass and marble mosaics... LOVE. It's too busy for me for my kitchen... but thinking one of these is a winner for my wet bar area:

It also comes in the mini stick pattern which isn't as busy but I sure love the herringbone above:

This is fun....but I think it has too much grey in it for me:

What would you do?


Jenna Lee said...

I think the brick pattern in the first pic is the best. Its subtle and beautiful. I love the idea of colored glass tiles! So simply beautiful.

MaryNeff said...

LOVE that herringbone pattern!! I agree that the marble brick pattern is my favorite for your kitchen. Beautiful! I can't wait to see the final result!! When's the big move?

carolina postcard said...

I'm so indecisive so I'm glad you're doing the choosing! I love that very last stripe and the basket-weave. Kinda can't go wrong though.

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

So my thoughts...
Subway: Great, classic, clean, but I would love to see something with more flair in your kitchen.
Slab: I am bias since that is what I am going, but I love it, but I do think you need to have other items play off of it to make it work in the space.
Planking: Too much of a cottage feel and where do you stop it, that is an element that once you start you really need to carry it thought the home.
Mosaic: Adore. I almost used that same Salitillo tile in our shower, but it was too blue so I ended up going with a long octagon/dot pattern they carry. But that herringbone, that is AMAZING! I do think it would be a bit too buys for the size of your kitchen since you are going to have tons of backsplash but it NEEDS to be someplace in your home.
So where am I going with way too long of a comment? Keep it simple, but I would love to see you use a natural material, so I vote for the subway or solid mini herringbone in the marble. :)

Brenda Watts said...

I love, love glass tiles, it is so hard to choose. My daughter works with warm glass..we are in the midst of a kitchen update...she has made me random sized & colored tiles for my backspash...we have been playing with the arrangement on a template...I will be excited to put the burst of color in my kitchen, the light should just bounce off them. Look forward to seeing what your good taste comes up with.))

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Hard choices indeed...love everything in this post!

Heather Peterson said...

Love the herringbone, whether the simpler, cooler feeling of the marble or that hot gold combo!

I worry a bit that chevron is overplayed, but think herringbone is more classic.


designchic said...

Loving the first two...interesting and I don't think you'll tire of these. Can't wait to see what you choose!! Hope your weekend is going well ~

Ami at A Sierra Home said...

We're also on the hunt for backsplash tile. Marble as well! I love that subway marble and was set on it, but that simple glass is stunning and I love the clean, simplicity of it. Good luck!

A.J.Barnes said...

I really like that first tile option you showed - classic but interesting. It could be a nice constrast. I did white honed marble backsplash to match my countertops, but I don't have as much counter space as you have and I also did my island countertop in black soap stone (just so it would not be too much white marble as you noted). I also planked all the walls and love! it


Julie said...

I think I love the glass tile....it would be shimmery and a statement, but so soft. It's all lovely. I'm with you in that simple white subway tile is amazing, but I just see it too much. I love seeing something different, but classic.

Kellie Collis said...

These kitchens are just divine with pristine white! Love how the materials textures were played around with. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

satisfyingspacesblog.com said...

I am leaning towards the marble subway tiles for the lake house but, every now and then I think it would be fun to do something a little more unique and fun.

arre said...

thanks for posting this. i too just moved and had to totally gut a kitchen. i have white marble counter tops and white cabinets (and gray walls) and have NOT been able to make a back splash decision. this is very helpful!

kate said...

All of the tiles are gorgeous! I always love subway; it's clean and crisp. I am currently obsessing over some that a friend posted on her blog (http://nestegg.typepad.com/nest-egg/2011/04/tidbits.html).
Can't wait to see the final results!

furniture {reincarnated}

sordar joy said...

Cute bench! Nice tiling job!
white marble tile

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