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Lots of random thoughts/questions going through my head. So I thought I might ask for your opinion on some things!

1. I have been searching high and low for the perfect hardware for my kitchen cabinets. Pulls for the drawers and knobs for the few upper cabinets. I think I've decided on this style.... I really love the look.

I haven't decided on unlacquered brass and trying to be patient for it to patina... or the hand-antiqued brass.
I will use the 4" (but really wish it came in 6"). Have you seen anything similar anywhere?

th_r-08bm-1114x.jpg    vs.   th_r-08bm-1148-abh.jpg

2. Outdoor Furniture... I could go on an on about this. I would like to go ahead and get some but we don't have it in the budget to get what I really would like. If you want something that will last a long time--- you are going to pay for it. I am saving my pennies for this collection by Summer Classics:

I am insipired by this image that I've shown on the blog before:

So what would you do for a temporary fix? Four adidrondak type chairs a table?

3. Dining Room... I've asked two of my most trusted blogger friends and they each picked the opposite from each other. So I thought I'd poll you! My dining room will be small and simple but will be considered a formal dining room. I'm thinking my farm table, slipcovered parsons chair, jute rug from West Elm, etc. The grey painted chest will sit to the right of the one window in the room. The thing I can't decide on is.... the chandelier for above the table. Here are the two that I have narrowed down (on this design board that I quickly threw together):

I haven't decided on the type of panels for the window, lamps, artwork, mirror, etc. And a friend recommended adding a dark band to the bottom of the parsons chairs for some contrast/color.... an idea that I love.

But back to the light fixture.... both fixtures are from Visual Comfort but very different from each other! Which do you like--- the one on the left is the Paris Flea Market Chandelier and the one on the right is Bryant Chandelier.

I think that's enough to cover today. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


chillart said...

What does your fine china, crystal and silver look like? When you think of having a dinner party and using the formal dining room are you drawn to the look of the Paris or the Bryant? Personally, I like the Paris. It is more dramatic and I like the draping lines the crystal detail gives.

lizziefitz said...

Antique brass pulls, adirondack chairs for now , easily moved to yard or crags list when you get what you really want, and tough choice but the Bryant. Honestly you couldn't go wrong with either one. Happy weekend, almost!

Lauren (The Cottage Mix) said...

Ooh, I think I would go with the Bryant chandelier. I love the gray painted chest. Also, great choices for your cabinet hardware!

Melissa Richie said...

I like the Paris light fixture. Especially if the rest of your dining room will be simple...it would be a fun visual for the room.

Did they sell out of the ones at Restoration? I'm afraid I might have bought most of the last ones. Too bad I haven't used them yet...sigh. I hope you can find ones you love!

No.35style said...

did you try searching dlawless hardware? WAIT for the brass to patina! so worth it and i wouldn't think would take too long with the constant touching it. I like the more modern chandelier with what you have going. love how adirondacks look sitting out in the yard. or those low wooden with fabric for the seating part kind..not sure the name..but simple looking. OH and congrats on the new baby!!

satisfyingspacesblog.com said...

I went through the same back and forth game on the chandeliers for our house. I love the simplicity of the Bryant but, I also love the how classic the Paris flea chandelier is too. I ended up going with something more along the lines of the the Paris fixture because I felt like I would enjoy it for a long time and our house needs some sparkle.

As far as outdoor furniture, I think the adirondak chairs with a table is a great idea. So many decisions right? Good luck!

Marianne {Style For Living} said...

Brooke, I have been looking at that Paris chandelier for my own home for the longest time, so I am partial to that one. I used the Byrant in a clients home and it is also nice, but more simple. With the pieces you show for the room, I would go with the Paris.

The outdoor furniture is lovely. I think adirondack chairs would work really well for what you need. It's always a classic look and would save you some money until you can get what you really want.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I like the fixture more to the right. Girl, I don't see how you make so many decisions for yourself at once! I cannot do anything for myself in less than 6 months:)

blue chickadee said...

Love the hardware you have picked out! They will look so good in your new kitchen! As for the chandelier, I like the Bryant Chandelier the best with all that you have going on in the room so far! Can't wait to see it!

a' la mode said...

I suck. I can't pick. I like both. Seriously. You can't go wrong. I thought of you yesterday while in Southeastern Salvage bc they had a TON of the gray, plain aluminum, whitewashed tolix chairs! Have you been lately? xoxo shel

Jessica said...

1. I LOVE the antiqued hardware.
2. I'm stuck.
3. I LOVE the Bryant Chandelier. I know you said it will be a formal space, and the other one is more formal, but I think with the table and chairs and chest you have in the design board, it's too formal.

The Kingrea's said...

PARIS Flea market chandelier for the dining! I love how everyhting else is kind of rustic farm house but with the crystal it adds your formal!

Kristi said...

I have the Bryant chandelier (except mine came from Williams Sonoma home, but it is identical) and I LOVE it! It's so versatile and stylish!

nikinikinine said...

Paris Flea Market Chandelier - it's a nice contrast to the other furniture and textiles you've picked for the room. It adds a bit of formality to the formal dining room without feeling too stuffy!

Abbie said...

I say go with the Bryant Chandelier. It's a great contrast from the table and sidetable.

Cecilia said...

I like the Thomas O'Brien one (the Bryant)- but have a suggestion (but don't want to confuse you). I wanted the Thomas O'Brien one for our dining room, but then wanted more formality as well, so got the Niermann Weeks Italian Chandelier - which took some savings. But a great alternative - something inbetween the Paris and the Bryant, that looks like the Niermann Weeks one, is this one by Currey & Co.: http://www.laylagrayce.com/Products/Currey-and-Company-Crystal-Lights-Gold-Chandelier-Small__CU9880.aspx

I like the antique brass. And agree that adirondeck chairs are great. I love the 4 chairs and chat table set-up (and again, have the same set up on our patio - Kingsley Bate). We've bought less expensive teak in the past - when we were first starting out, and it just didn't hold up (you get what you pay for). I have to say LL Bean's adirondeck chairs are great quality for the price.

Jennifer said...

How long does it take brass to develop some patina? I have always wondered. I have always loved the Bryant - just modern enough. Four adirondack chairs would be great! Can't wait to see it all coming together!

Stacy Curran said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and it's gorgeous! I love finding great new (to me) blogs. So happy to be following!
Stacy @ www.conspicuousstyle.com
ps...love the Bryant chandelier and adirondack chairs

Jacqueline said...

I also have the bryant chandelier! (In a box waiting to be hung in my dining room) When I first stumbled upon your blog, I really liked your style because it felt similar to my style. I've been looking for hardware too, and I love those pulls! I'm in the middle of the kitchen remodel now and I have so many details to finalize--pulls, knobs, light fixtures, table/chairs, window treatments....I can't enter another room until I finish this one! I look and look and look, and then I need a break from looking. My vote is for the bryant.

LLH Designs said...

I'm personally partial to the Paris because I'm a French girl, but based on what I've seen of your style through blog posts and pins, the Bryant looks to be more consistent with what you love. Maybe something in between? Not so much crystal but a little more glam than the Bryant? Have you tried Currey & Co?

About the brass developing a patina of it's own:how long does it take, and will the patina develop on cabinets/drawers you don't use often? I have no clue, but those questions came to mind.

Not sure if I'm helping. Best advice: trust your gut! I always go round and round when I don't trust my instincts, but when you have good taste (as you do), your instincts are trustworthy and good! :)


mary-kathryn herrington said...

i love the bryan chandelier. and i think i'd go with the antiqued brass, i am too impatient to wait for it to patina itself....

shopmom said...

Just stumbled across your blog on my hunt for brass cabinet hardware for my new kitchen cabinets. The ones you ahve pictured from Antique Hardware are actually top of my list too! Going back and forth between those in unlacquered brass or Restoration Hardware's antique brass (on sale!). Curious to know what you decide. Like you, I also wish the Antique Hardware ones came in larger size, otherwise that would probably be a no-brainer choice for me. Would love to see pics of your kitchen!!

scblog2011 said...

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