oh, the kitchen faucet!


*UPDATE... I do have an important question. I LOVE the look of the goose neck fixtures... but they are mounted high above the base of the sink. Do those of you who have one have trouble with water splattering everywhere?! The water seems to have a long wall to fall!

This has been a tough one for me... especially as we near the end of our renovation and funds are tight as we try to stay on track. I think it always happens like that.

This faucet is out of the question... though I do love it. But a $1200 Rohl faucet isn't going to happen this time around.
Rohl U.4719L-2

Here are some other contenders that I've found. I really like a bridge faucet... but only the ones that have the two holes and not the three (not counting the sprayer).

This bridge faucet by Kohler is the top runner right now. I actually prefer it over the Rohl which surprises me. I like that it is not mounted quite as high off of the countertop:
Kohler K-6131-4
Some others that I have pondered... I just wonder if a sprayer could be added to the two below since they aren't shown with one?

Chicago Faucet's 8-Inch Bridge-Style Kitchen Faucet

 Blanco 440576

 And an inexpensive one:

I have also thought about something like this... though it might be a stretch for me:
Vigo Modern Pull-out Spiral Kitchen Faucet

But it is found in some fabulous kitchens... like this one:

And you can also see it in Marla's kitchen here that Erika designed.

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them!


Chic Coles said...

Beautiful faucets. We are having been looking at bridge faucets also for a kitchen remodel project. Great selection. Can not wait to see your finished project.

Jennifer said...

we are so on the same page with faucets. the Hi-Rise is my all-time fave, but I love the restaurant-style ones too, to mix it up a little.

Shauna said...

We put in a similar faucet in our previous kitchen reno to the last one you posted:



We loved it; except I was almost wiping off fingerprints from the drop down part. And how to turn on the water really confused guests lol.

Shauna said...

*almost always

Marianne {Style For Living} said...

I have that exact Rohl faucet in polished nickel in my own kitchen. I found it online for a fraction of the price. If I can find where I got it, I will let you know. This was about 4 years ago, so not sure if the price has gone up.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I like that last one. I like the first one too, but I think the last one is nice looking. Marla (using a bloggers name like I know her) used something like that (an overstock one) in her kitchen. I liked it

Stephanie (Decor Dreams) said...

I'm in the same thought process with faucets for our build! With our reno six years ago, I went with Kohler Vinnata and loved it in the time we used it. It's pretty and so functional with the pull down and built-in sprayer. But my tastes have changed I think. I can't help wonder if one can go from the functionality of a pull-down one-handled spray faucet to a two-handled faucet with a side spray...in terms of functionality though!

I'm in love with the Rohl but it's too darned expensive for us too. I was JUST looking at the Kohler this week. It's lovely.

I'd prefer a two-hole option as well but I've also looked at:
Moen Waterhill (but it's busier): http://www.moen.com/waterhill/chrome-two-handle-high-arc-kitchen-faucet/_/R-CONSUMER%3AS713


Grohe Bridgeford:

The industrial styles (like your last photo) just aren't "us" though they're nice too. I just can't make up my mind on the pull-down (like Blanco Grace, etc.) or the bridge! I can't wait to see what you choose!

Melissa said...

I really like the first three you have pictured! Funny as I too am playing the faucet game right now - but bathroom not kitchen.

jenchak said...

we used that exact kohler faucet and we're really pleased. You can see it (along with our gut kitchen renovation) here: http://eastoftown.tumblr.com/post/8932566259/renovate-kitchen

satisfyingspacesblog.com said...

I really like the bridge faucet and would have chosen it for our kitchen but, I compromised with my husband and went with a totally different look.

Good luck!

Matt Millner said...
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Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

I have the Rohl and the only reason is out of frustration since I wanted the Waterworks one but the time line didn't fit. Adore it, but yes, the price tag is high.

The second option from Kohler I am using in an upcoming home (Altadore II) and for the price I think it is a great fit!

The thing with bridge faucets and side sprays is the diverted issue, so if you don't see a side spray it is next to impossible to add one to it.

Check out this one from Grohe...


I know the price point is pretty good.

Jane Ann said...

I brought home a trendy hi-rise faucet and it looked comical. Back it went for a different Kohler gooseneck that was much lower, with integrated sprayer/faucet. Much better. Yes, it does splatter like crazy, because we chose a deep sink. But I guess the deep sink keeps the splattering contained.

Our faucet needed only one hole, as the lever is on the base of the faucet. We wanted TWO soap dispenser holes--one on the left for liquid dish detergent and one on the right for liquid hand soap. I LOVE not having messy hand soap--bar or bottle--on the counter any more.

sledterman said...
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sledterman said...

I had the Kohler version of the Rohl in my last house, but it was kind of a pain if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. You can't just turn it on with your wrist when your hands are dirty, etc. Drove me crazy, if you don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I don't think it would be as annoying.
I had a commercial type a few houses ago and I liked that it was single handle. I didn't have a problem with splashing, but I had a large single farm sink. I also liked that the sprayer is integrated, less clutter around the sink.

Andrea said...

I too bought a Rohl faucet online for a fraction of the cost. It came from e-bay and it warranted and in the factory box. Have had it for two years and never had an issue. I think I paid $500 for it. I found e-bay to be a great source for fixtures and lighting when we were doing our reno. Good luck choosing. Can't wait to see the final outcome.

Jennifer John said...

I have to say I have the more industrial one ( that exact one ) and I love it! Works really well and actually is a nice foil to all the traditional elements in the house. Happy faucet hunting!


Maren said...

I love the bridge as well. We installed Kohler's HiRise bridge faucet and I LOVE it. Seriously - I don't know how many times I said that after we moved in. http://www.us.kohler.com/onlinecatalog/detail.jsp?item=12255102&section=1&category=4&subcategory=32&retail=false
The polished stainless is a great finish (I am huge on polished nickel but it wasn't available and I wasn't sure I was going to like the finish, but it looks great with the polished nickel hardware). It also has a great side spray that functions separately (you can have both of them on at the same time, if ever needed). I don't have any issues of it splashing, but that might have to do with the type of sink.
Its not super cheap, but you might be able to find a good price somewhere... and for me, it was absolutely worth it. I gave up the pot filler so I could have this faucet. Good luck!

a' la mode said...

I have the last one and we LOOOOOVE it. =) xoxo

j carr said...

I have Barber Wilson bridge faucet very similar to the Rohl, with a Shaw farmhouse sink. With the added height, yes do get a lot of overspray. It is something I would only be concerned about if you have a shallow or narrow (divided maybe) sink. For me, with the gooseneck, you have to have a side sprayer, else it's a huge pain to clean the sink. Also, as a many other people have mentioned, you should be able to find that faucet for 50% less than retail (if not more) online. I haven't paid retail for plumbing fixtures in 10 years. No problems yet!

Sandibeach2000 said...

I would never choose a two handle faucet for the kitchen. Just my thoughts.

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