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Blog readers are the best. Thank you for your thoughts on the kitchen faucet a couple of weeks ago... and for helping me out last week with the Ikea sofa.

I love hearing your thoughts/opinions... so here I am to ask again. I cannot make a decision on my cabinet hardware for my kitchen. I know that I want an antique-ish brass look.

This is the front runner.... from Antique House of Hardware. It's a little darker than I had hoped for (and more $$$ than I wanted to spend).  Here is the antiqued by hand one:


I also bought the unlacquered version (since it was half the price) and tried to 'patina' it myself... not so much luck that department.

Have you seen anything similar? Or would you share your favorite site for hardware? I need some help!


Melissa Richie said...

I hope you can find something you love and get some help on this. Unfortunately, I'm no help at all and may have even messed you up by purchasing all of the Ephram handles at Restoration after you recommended them...pretty sure I got all but 5. Whoops.

I love these new ones you've posted. I bet they feel good in your hand as well. Random thought, I know, but if it's something you use everyday it has to feel good too, right?

Okay, it's way too late for me to be commenting, so I'm going to stop now. Hope you're feeling great!

kaypea said...

Have you checked out ? There are some nice options for antiqued brass.

I used these bin pulls on our drawers
(with matching-finish knobs on the cabinets) and the finish is awesome. Not "fake" looking antiqued brass - it looks like a finish that real, unlaquered brass would develop with time. Perhaps if you call Van Dykes they can get you the mfr's name to determine if there are handles more in line with your style...

Laurie said...

So loving the antique brass - good luck!

Heidi S. said...

I like Charleston Hardware Company. They don't seem to have a pull like this but they do offer some nice stuff and they make most of it in house. I've bought mostly vintage and reproduction victorian hardware from them.

blue chickadee said...

Have you checked out this site yet? They may be more than you want to spend but I thought they had a good look!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Definitely check out Lee Valley Tools:

Interior Design Musings said...

Sorry I'm late to the party, but here are my favorites sources for pulls: and and
Can't wait to see what you select! M.

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