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I can't believe it's that time. Almost the first of February. We'll be moving to Mississippi before we know it.

Lately my time has been spent doing little things around the house. I feel like we've done a great job of keeping up with things over the years... but it's amazing how little things jump out at you when you are getting ready to put it up for sale! Spackling holes, cleaning windows, using the magic eraser everywhere.

We've loved this house and hope someone else will too! We don't want to make any money off of it--- we just want to break even. And we know the easiest way to attempt that is selling it ourselves.

Please pass along my information to anyone that you know that is wanting a house in Birmingham, AL. We live in Crestwood... just minutes from downtown. A perfect house for someone single, a newlywed couple, or someone with a new baby (we have a nursery just waiting for you). We can move out today or in months. We'll work with you. And I'd love you forever if you'd buy our precious home!!!

Here's the flier that I made to put our front with our sign (click to enlarge):

Any interest can be directed to me here. Thank you, thank you.

Paneling vs. Planking


The last powder bath on yesterday's post (repeated at the bottom) has me thinking about paneling vs. planking. I love both, I really do. I like that either can be dressed up or down--- even though planking is usually more casual with paneling more formal. Which do you prefer?


or planking:

Planking Sources: 1-4 Tracery, 5 & 6 Amy Morris

My House Inspiration: Powder Bath


We have a downstairs powder bathroom that will need to be updated. I thought that this would be the perfect spot to incorporate a fun print with wallpaper like this one by Jill Sharp:

 Or this one by Palmer Weiss:

But those might be too funky for me. I do like this subtle print from Coastal Living:

But after seeing this powder bath by Amy Morris... she may have changed my mind from wallpaper to horizontal planking on the walls. I am planning on using this design element in another room in my house (if the budget allows)--- so it would be fun to repeat it again in this small space.


My House Inspiration: Stairs


I was unsure of what to do when it came to stairs/ stair rails. Currently- the stairs have stained treads with white painted risers. This will stay the same--- we will just restain the treads to match the new wood floors. But the exisitng stair rail needs to go. Looking through my inspiration photos you can see that I am very much a fan of iron stair rails and railings.



1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4

Thank you, Birmingham Home and Garden....


A special thank you to Birmingham Home and Garden Magazine for featuring me/my blog in their Trendsetters & Tastemakers article in this month's publication. It is an honor to be included in such a great magazine and in the company of some of my favorite 'design crazed' friends:  Doug & Paige at Tracery, Marianne, Megan, Jennifer, & Paula.

* image courtesy Birmingham Home & Garden, photo by Arik Sokol



I've been on a thrift store kick again lately. You just never know what you might find in those places.

Like the two Jenny Lind looking twin beds that I found last week for only $49 (yes, for both). They are going to look great painted and put in Collins' room in the new house (when he grows out of the crib--- but I am not rushing that).

I also found this mirror for $15... it's tall and slender.
I'm thinking of maybe attempting to gold leaf it. Who knows. We'll see.

And that brings me to my new chair purchase. $30.
I'm thinking that this will go in my living room as an extra side chair. I have no clue what fabric I will use on it.

Faux Alabaster Lamp.... $9

While I didn't find this at the thrift store--- it was another purchase I made last week. I found it at Urban Suburban. It's a great little antique mall close to my house. I love that the vendors consistently keep their booths updated with new things. It's a chest that is a pretty shade of blue (yes, a little bit of color here and there will be needed). I am not sure where it will go--- but I think I have several places that it will work. {sorry for my camera phone photo}

Here are the two items that I didn't buy that I wish I had. This first piece was only $95 and at a local flea market. I might see if a local friend will run by and see if it is still there (she lives closer by the place than I do). If it is... I may go get it. I have the perfect spot for it in my half bath (where I will be removing a small countertop). It would look great painted white.

And last but not least... this chair was so neat in person. And only $25. But someone else agreed and it was tagged sold.

Have you found anything fun at your local thrift store lately?

My House Inspiration: Mud & Play


You will walk into a large room when entering the side of our house from the garage/driveway. I am planning on it being the playroom (sofa, tv, toys, toys, and more toys). It is off of the kitchen--- so it will be a great place for Collins & Co. to play while I am cooking or in laundry room (which I am planning to also be off of the playroom- but this can be saved for another blog post). When planning finishes for this room--- I started thinking that it will also serve as an entry/mudroom of sorts. I know that it will be the room that everything gets dropped in when entering the house.

There are so many designs elements that I like in each of these below.... I'm designing away in my head as I type. Here are a few of the images inspiring the entry/mudroom part of the room:

I am going to try my best for Tanner's bed to reside in this room.
I love the way both of these are designed for the furry members of the family:

1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7 :: 8-10 :: 11

Going Dark


I am planning on painting just about everything the same shade of white in our new house. But I do want a few things to be dark. Those that I am thinking about are: a few custom millwork/built-ins, kitchen island, and Michael's office/man room walls. Other than that: white.

While looking at colors for some of my built-ins--- I started thinking about painting my bedroom walls dark. Maybe a shade lighter than the built-ins? If I do this I will bring in the light/white with my bedding, window panels, headboard, beside tables, etc. Here are a few photos fueling my inspiration:


1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4

a friend's house


A friend of mine here in Birmingham just had her house published in Birmingham Magazine. It's such a fun and inviting home to walk into... Ashley has done an amazing job with it. You can read the article here about her home and her love for folk art.


While I think her collection of folk art is so neat and fun... two of my favorite things about her house are her dark trim and her white leather wing backs. Yes, I'm a neutral nelly.

*photos by Jean Allsopp