Friday Favorite


I'm off to Atlanta today for a night away. Looking forward to some great shopping, good food, and a fun 30th birthday celebration for one of my best friends.  I hope everyone has a great weekend with beautiful weather!


Good Morning! I hope y'all are having a great week. Here are a few pretty images to start the day (for some reason I keep thinking today is Friday). One more day 'til the weekend!

an outside favorite


I've shared this house before.... but it's been awhile. Definitely one of my favorites as far as exterior/landscaping: the painted brick, window boxes, terracotta planters, garage doors, built in grill, and the sweet dog lounging on the porch.

 * via AH&L



I recently did a post on kitchens and what is inspiring me for the new house. I have the design elements floating around in my head--- white marble, cabinets, and walls, darker island, antique or unlacquered brass hardware, and maybe some schoolhouse pendants over the island.

What I am not sure about is the sink. At first I was thinking a fireclay apron sink:

But I think I have changed my mind. Now I am trying to decide if I want one large stainless sink or two smaller sinks mounted side by side (meaning they would be divided by a strip or marble rather than the stainless divider in a double basin).

This is as close as I could find to what is in my head--- two sinks but pushed closer together with only one faucet. I hope that makes sense!

What is your ideal kitchen sink?

Furniture {reincarnated} : Filigree Armoire


A friend recently sent me a link to the blog of one of her good friends. She knew that I would love some of the work that Kate had done... and she was right. So many great things on her blog... but this particular one has to be my favorite.

She was inspired by this Armoire from Anthropologie (was $1898 but no longer available):

She found this for only $150:

After coming up with a design, choosing a paint color, and some hard work....

Kate has her own version for a fraction of the price. She only spent about $300 (but she did let me know what it was very labor intensive and she didn't have to pay for use of the CNC machine- which would add to the cost):

Go here to read more about the process.

I also loved this page of 20 sketches that Kate did on how to revamp this Ikea Malm chest:

Kate lives in the Atlanta area and would love to help you with a project. She gives consults on {reincarnating} a piece of furniture that you already have or you can tell her what you are looking for and she can do it for you! You can contact her here. Great job, Kate!



I have the Avett Brothers January Wedding lyrics stuck in my head:
She keeps it simple. And I am thankful for her kind of lovin' . 'Cause it's simple.

Big Boy Room (over at Veranda Interiors)


Good Morning! Today you will find me guest posting over at Veranda Interiors. Head on over to find out what's in store for Collins' big boy room. Here's a peak:


Brass is Back


Brass is back. Well, at least it is in my book. I am planning on incorporating it into the new house. But I will save that for another post. Here are a few images where brass is used in an updated way (think antiqued and unlacquered).

(thinking about using these pendants in my house)

What are your thoughts? Would you use it or did the 80's/ early 90's use of it forever scare you away?



I am amazed at all of the talented people out there. There are lots. Here are a few that I've been inspired by lately:

There is so much to see on her blog. And I can't get over that she is a mother of four. Loved this DIY wall stencil that she used in her home office (though I'd never have the patience to do something like this).


So many cute things in this Etsy shop... how great would these be in a little girl's room?

French Rose Pillow- in Chocolate and Robins Egg Blue Linen
Multi- Color Rainbow Felt Disc Pillow

3. Cecily Hill Lowe is from my hometown and currently lives in Birmingham. So glad that she has started a blog to show some of her artwork. Here are a couple of paintings that I love:

$75, 6 x 6 inches, unframed, acrylic wash on watercolor paper
“Black Ladder” has many layers of gold, brown, gray, champagne and black. This piece would look great in a traditional or contemporary home.  

$75, 4 x 6 inches, acrylic on watercolor paper
I love the metallic paint in this image. It “shimmers” so nicely when the light hits it just right. Another lovely thing about this little painting is the size…you can find so many affordable ready made frames these days that have a custom look. This painting is a standard frame size so it would be easy to frame to go with your style. Email me if you are interested,

To see more, check our Cecily's blog here.