some progress shots


It may not seem like a lot has been done... but after weeks of demo (and a few bumps in the road) it sure is nice to see the house being put back together! Sheetrocking should be finished up tomorrow and then the trimming/painting can begin!

I'll try to include some before photos (from the real estate listing) along with what it looks like today... if I can keep these in order with notes in between the old photo and new!

The view belows shows the wall with the door above removed.... enlarging the kitchen and doing away with the current formal dining room (there will be a new one that is smaller and across the foyer)
the partial red wall  below used to open up to the foyer but the opening was moved to the left to the stair hallway....

breakfast room above with door to playroom.... below you can see a view from further back where we took out the door and enlarged the opening to the playroom....

den above.... shot below from further back showing everything stripped down!

playroom above.... and the new playroom below with the closets removed and a new passthrough to the den was made
entering the house above... and below you can see where we closed up the opening to the old dining/new kitchen and moved the entrance to around the corner

standing at the base of the stairs looking at the front door....

Hopefully they weren't too hard to follow... maybe my notes helped to explain the missing openings, walls closed up, openings added, etc!

much better than the dust


A few pretty images that have been inspiring me as I try to get back into the game of blogging. Looking around online is much more fun than staring at the sheetrock dust that surrounds me. Photos of that to come tomorrow!


Photography by Simon Burn (via Style « Dabble)

Material Girls Blog 


veere grenney

*via here

and baby makes four!


Yes... the Chamblee family is expanding. Baby #2 is due mid-January... making me about 18 weeks pregnant. Or 19. We've had a lot going on and I can't keep up this go round! But we are very excited and can't wait for the newest addition.

Just thought I would share that fun news with y'all. That might explain a little bit of my absence. Pregnancy, chasing a 14 month old, along with a major house renovation... lots going on here in our new life in Mississippi. Oh, and we still don't have cable/internet in our new house. That is to be installed tomorrow so hopefully that will make it easier to blog and check in with you. I'm not savvy enough to try it from my new phone.

We are making progress on the house. I hope to show you some photos later this week since the sheetrock is going up. It's nice to see the house being put back together rather than being torn apart. We are moving in the right direction these days!

In the meantime... here are some photos that have been inspiring me and are helping with some of the details of this renovation:

Map, dots, stripes

Betsy Brown in House Beautiful

two mirrors

big mats

Country Living


dark walls and trim

a few steps back (and some progress)


It's hard to move forward when you keep moving back. This is reality of a home renovation!

But there are some pretty things to look at. Part of the new stair rail has gone up... meaning we are making progress. Now that this is up we can officially live upstairs!

dear bosch


Dear Bosch,
I have been researching appliances for weeks now... and I am tired of it. I have looked at everything under the sun- Kitchenaid, GE, Viking, Sub-Zero, Frigidaire, Wolf, and then I learned about you.

I love what I've seen and the prices are great. Customer service has been great to answer my questions. Your prices can't be beat. And your products are made in the good ole' U S of A. Perfect.

One small problem... I would love for all of my appliances to be from the same manufacturer but your side-by-side fridge does not meet my 2 requirements. One I can give up. One I cannot.

My first one was that I wanted a 42" wide unit instead of a 36"... but I decided I could let that requirement go (even though it is still lingering). The one thing I can't let go is:

The dispenser on the front of this unit. Everything about this fridge/freezer is perfect except for that dispenser. I want one without. Can you please make me one?! Is a plain front side-by-side too much to ask for?

Thanks so much,

sun valley + a wedding


Michael and I recently spent a wonderful week in Sun Valley, Idaho... it was an amazing time away. Here are a few photos from our trip.

 Michael fishing on Silver Creek

Redfish Lake


 The Avett Brothers Concert at the Sun Valley Pavillion

And speaking of Sun Valley--- I am sure you all remember this fabulous house that was published in Elle Decor last November. Fabulous.
A friend recently sent me the link to some of the wedding photos of one of the daughters who held her wedding reception there. Beautiful!

*wedding photos by photographer Hillary Mayberry