goodman pendant


My kitchen will be mostly white... with a few antique brass accents here and there. I've always loved the Goodman Pendant by Visual Comfort so that's what I decided to go with over my island. They were delivered yesterday and for some reason I thought that they would be both antique brass on the inside and the outside (I honestly don't know why I thought that). But it's just on the outside. At first... I wasn't so sure. But after seeing these images.... I really, really like them!

See... I love the brass on the inside but think the white on the outside is too plain for my kitchen:

Several of you have emailed to ask me about lighting... I'll be sure to show more of my selections soon!

don't freak out


But I've been drawn to {a little bit} of color and pattern lately. I know, I know... not like me. Maybe my taste is changing a little bit. Just a little.

I'm thinking I would like to do something like this in our guest room. I really like this room. Does anyone have a source for this photo (or the two pillow fabrics...which is really what i am interested in).

*Thanks for your comments letting me know this was in Coastal Living, April 2011.
Here are links to the two fabrics (thanks to Jennifer):
1 & 2

thinking about the pantry


It's an area that I haven't given much thought.... but now that they are about to start on it I'm thinking I should. It's a small space but could have lots of potential. Here are a few that have caught my eye:

Mine will be mainly for food... but look how pretty this is:

And the one we all have saved to our files:

*via here

under a rock


I decided last week that I must have been living under a rock. I had no clue about the Missoni for Target hooplah until I read all of the blog posts and what people were able to score at their local stores. Not a clue! But that might have to do with the fact that until recently I lived in a town with about 7 Target locations and now the closest one is 90 miles away!

I thought to myself.... too bad I love those flats since they are no where to be found (loved the zig zag pattern--- could care less who made them or where they were from).

Fast forward a few days and look what showed up today in the mail:

One of my dearest friends sent them to me. How VERY thoughtful. She said that they didn't have her size but they had mine... so she thought that one of us should have them! Don't you love friends like that?!

creative spaces


I love a pretty home office... and I'm quite excited that Michael and I won't have to share one in our new house. I've been trying to decide how to set mine up so that it's the most functional (interior design projects, blogging, sewing, printing stationery, etc). It's a small room but has great potential if I can get it organized just right. Here are some of my favorite spaces that I've pinned on my Creative Spaces Pinterest Board lately.

we have a laundry room


Well, kind of! The guys are working hard on my house and were so sweet to move in my W/D today before they checked out for the weekend (can't see dryer on the right side because of where I was standing... but we do have one!). We're getting there!

a few things i'm loving


1. This new tile by Ann Sacks (was introduced to it here). I love the look of antique mirror! Ann Sacks never disappoints.

2. This invite via here.

3. Must try this recipe for homemade butterfingers!

4. This pair of boots for the fall (I would LOVE the gray pair but they are no longer available. Has anyone seen them anywhere)??
Frye Paige Riding Boots

5. This inexpensive aged brass table lamp (from here... don't tell!)

Aged Brass Table Lamp

love everything about this


*via Tobi Fairley here

would love your thoughts


Lots of random thoughts/questions going through my head. So I thought I might ask for your opinion on some things!

1. I have been searching high and low for the perfect hardware for my kitchen cabinets. Pulls for the drawers and knobs for the few upper cabinets. I think I've decided on this style.... I really love the look.

I haven't decided on unlacquered brass and trying to be patient for it to patina... or the hand-antiqued brass.
I will use the 4" (but really wish it came in 6"). Have you seen anything similar anywhere?

th_r-08bm-1114x.jpg    vs.   th_r-08bm-1148-abh.jpg

2. Outdoor Furniture... I could go on an on about this. I would like to go ahead and get some but we don't have it in the budget to get what I really would like. If you want something that will last a long time--- you are going to pay for it. I am saving my pennies for this collection by Summer Classics:

I am insipired by this image that I've shown on the blog before:

So what would you do for a temporary fix? Four adidrondak type chairs a table?

3. Dining Room... I've asked two of my most trusted blogger friends and they each picked the opposite from each other. So I thought I'd poll you! My dining room will be small and simple but will be considered a formal dining room. I'm thinking my farm table, slipcovered parsons chair, jute rug from West Elm, etc. The grey painted chest will sit to the right of the one window in the room. The thing I can't decide on is.... the chandelier for above the table. Here are the two that I have narrowed down (on this design board that I quickly threw together):

I haven't decided on the type of panels for the window, lamps, artwork, mirror, etc. And a friend recommended adding a dark band to the bottom of the parsons chairs for some contrast/color.... an idea that I love.

But back to the light fixture.... both fixtures are from Visual Comfort but very different from each other! Which do you like--- the one on the left is the Paris Flea Market Chandelier and the one on the right is Bryant Chandelier.

I think that's enough to cover today. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!