keeping honest


In all honesty... I am exhausted. The combination of finishing up a renovation, chasing a 17 month old, and being 33 weeks preggo is exhausting me. But I have so much to be thankful for... and that's what I am trying to focus on this week. And knowing that all of the above was brought on by choice!

The house is almost done. Maybe I will feel a little more rested when it is complete since my brain won't be swirling with thoughts at night? Who am I kidding? We own about 10% of what we need for downstairs... so my next task is to start thinking about the decorating aspect of the house now that the construction is finishing up. I have promised my husband that I am completely okay with the house being empty. I really am. I am just ready for it to be finished and clean and the kitchen up and running. I am perfectly fine with the fact that we will have no furniture in the den (for awhile).

Here are some shots from when I got home from a weekend away yesterday.... I took these with my iphone and didn't plan on posting them on the blog but here they are (so please excuse the mess all around).

My office:

Wet Bar:

Michael's Office: 

Powder Bath:



Kitchen detail:


Floors are being sanded and stained this week. Fingers crossed that we can move in downstairs (since we are already living upstairs) the first weekend in December... that would make a great birthday weekend!

around here


Things have been in full force around here. We are about 2.5 weeks out from finishing the house and about 8 weeks from Baby Chamblee's due date.

When I walked downstairs this morning my kitchen backsplash was being installed. At first I freaked out and thought that I didn't like it. Yes... designers do things like that. Often. But I was in a rush....

... to get to Collins' Thanksgiving Party at school (thank you Pinterest for the cookie idea)!

When I got back from the party I told them that I did like the backsplash and they could resume work. I am sure they were thankful to hear that.

I also checked on the powder bath where my painter was working on the planking in a dark wash (SW's Porpoise that had been watered down).... I decided to go dark and thought I could always paint them white/lighter later:

 During the little one's naptime I have been ordering last minute things for the house (faucets, hardware, etc) and trying to get organized before the holidays are here. Christmas cards are designed (I just need to have them printed) and most of Collins' Christmas gifts have been purchased. So... lots going on. Now you know why the blog has been so quiet lately!

 Promise to get back with the blog... soon!

please share


Blog readers are the best. Thank you for your thoughts on the kitchen faucet a couple of weeks ago... and for helping me out last week with the Ikea sofa.

I love hearing your thoughts/opinions... so here I am to ask again. I cannot make a decision on my cabinet hardware for my kitchen. I know that I want an antique-ish brass look.

This is the front runner.... from Antique House of Hardware. It's a little darker than I had hoped for (and more $$$ than I wanted to spend).  Here is the antiqued by hand one:


I also bought the unlacquered version (since it was half the price) and tried to 'patina' it myself... not so much luck that department.

Have you seen anything similar? Or would you share your favorite site for hardware? I need some help!

ikea favor... just a photo


**UPDATE... blog readers are the best. Thanks to all of you who responded, emailed, sent links, photos, etc. It helped me out tremendously. A special thanks to Tessa who took the time to send me pics like these this morning:

After emailing/texting with her this morning... I just realized that I spent some time on her blog last night after Holly introduced it to me!

Is anyone out there going to Ikea anytime soon?! If so.... I'd love it if you'd do me a big favor.

I've been trying to get to the one in ATL for months now and it just hasn't happened. I'd love to see two of the color options for the Ektorp sofa. I am planning on using this sofa in my playroom. I'd love for the white to work (can't beat the price) but it is just too white.

The one I am interested in is the Svanby Beige. But I don't want it to be too pink or too yellow.... so I'd love a shot with your camera phone.
EKTORP Sofa, Svanby beige Width: 85 7/8 " Depth: 34 5/8 " Height: 34 5/8 " Seat depth: 19 5/8 " Seat height: 17 3/4 "  Width: 218 cm Depth: 88 cm Height: 88 cm Seat depth: 50 cm Seat height: 45 cm
And if you are crazy like me and carry around a fan deck.... let me know what color it is closest to!

Also, I'd love a shot of the Svanby Gray. Same goes for paint swatch.

EKTORP Sofa, Svanby gray

Or do any of you happen to have one of these slipcovers in your home (could be the chair... just trying to get a good color idea).

Thank you, thank you!