the planner


It's that time of year. New calendars and planners. Even though I do own an iphone... I do not use it for keeping up with appointments, birthdays, etc. I am a paper calendar kind of girl.

For the past two years I have received this planner for Christmas from Paper-Source which I have really enjoyed:

Tonight while playing on Facebook one of my college friends asked in her status update what planners people recommend. I was blown away that almost EVERYONE responded (over 20 people) with the Erin Condren Life Planner. While I have heard of Erin and her work before... I wasn't familiar with her line of planners. The comments made me want to order one ASAP even though I have a brand new P-S one sitting on my desk!

Do any of you have a life planner by Erin Condren? Would love to hear your thoughts!

getting settled


we are getting settled in the downstairs part of our house and i am so thankful that the renovation is over. it took six months (almost the day). the team that worked was so great... i highly recommend them to anyone that lives in/near the meridian area.

i will post pics soon (though they won't look much different from my progress shots since we have no furniture for downstairs).

but i don't have time to focus on that. tomorrow's task is to purchase another crib to make room for Baby C that is due in less than 5 weeks. gosh... he or she will be here soon.

enough of my rambling... here are some pretty pics from House and Home that I've loved looking at since the Christmas decor in my house this year consists of a tree (that i have yet to decorate):