Last year Santa brought me two prints by artist Matte Stephens. I had them hanging in my home office in our Birmingham house... but decided to hang them in the playroom in our new house. The three Ikea Ribba frames worked perfectly over this bookshelf/toy storage so I decided to order a third print. The three that I have represent some of our favorite places to visit- NYC, New Orleans, and Boston.

Central Park in fall.  Limited edition11x14 print by Matte Stephens.

New Orleans at Night. Limited edition print by Matte Stephens.

Boston.  Limited edition print by Matte Stephens

You can see more of his work here.


Laurie said...

Great art. Love his style - thanks for sharing the link

paula said...

looking good! Can't wait to catch up :)

alston said...

love the prints! i'm a big fan of his work.

and congratulations on the new babe -- love his name!!

Sara said...

I love the prints!

Shannon Baker said...

These look fantastic!

bright girl said...

Those prints are so cute! Perfect for a playroom:) Have a bright day!

Julie said...

Brooke, what size Ribba frames are those?

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