Easy Canvas Prints


Last year Easy Canvas Prints contacted me about reviewing their product.
I was so excited since I was in the process of trying to find things for Gray's nursery walls.
I'm thinking I need a larger one for this area--- but for now it resides above the changing table. I will probably order a larger one... so I'm thinking I will move this one (11x14) to his gallery wall (which I will show you soon).
Their website is very user friendly and offers so many sizes (even custom).  I highly recommend using Easy Canvas Prints for your photos!

For a 50% OFF discount, just like their facebook page!


lizziefitz said...

Sweet , sweet brothers! Loving the stripe border on the drapery panels:)))

Zane Wooder said...

50% off! Sweet.

-Zane of ontario honey

cherry su said...

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Cecelia Green said...

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