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I've been thinking a lot about my living room lately and how to layout the furniture. The layout below is what I have planned for now: a sofa, two comfortable chairs, a coffee table, and then a smaller side chair next to the fireplace. Once I get everything in (it has all been ordered) I am going to reevaluate and see if two small benches or ottomans will fit in front of the fireplace. It's a look that I'm a fan of because it's a great place to bring in some pattern plus it provides extra seating. Here's my living room floor plan (the fireplace is between the two windows):
And here are some rooms that are inspiring this design plan:

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*via House Beautiful
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I love the pattern that the ottomans add in the living room below:
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*I just came across this post on High Street Market. Very similar but she has some additional photos that are great!


a' la mode said...

such a great layout...i'm so jealous as I have this wonky corner fireplace I have to deal with and it is soooo not fun. I just cannot WAIT to see your finished room!! I know its a process but so rewarding!! xoxo shel

lizziefitz said...

I can't wait to everything is in and set up in such a great layout:)))

Marianne said...

I wish I had room for 2 benches in front of my fireplace, but the living room isn't large enough and I'm out of room. Love this look and I wish it could work in my own house.

carolina postcard said...

I love that very last shot. Can't wait to see it evolve and come to life!

Jeane M. said...

I'm loving this living room inspiration in your blog. Got my eye on your next posts.

Mehul said...

The doggy picture is so nice.The living room seems small. - Herman Swan
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