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... I love a storage basket! They serve so many purposes.... I don't think one can have too many. Put one in your mudroom, kid's room, playroom, bedroom... the list goes on.

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*I recently found four of these baskets at Home Goods (two of the medium size like the ones above to use in Collins' room and two BIG ones to hold toys in the playroom)

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on my plate


:: Just a few things that I've been up to lately ::

Working with sweet Carolyn on a logo and new website for Brooke Chamblee Interiors.  While my first priority is being a stay at home mom.. I would like to work on a few projects here and there for a creative outlet.

I'm working on a few projects. Here are some fabric samples that arrived this week:

I can't stay off of Pinterest. Not only for pinning design things... but yummy things as well. These that I made this week were delicious (photo from here since I forgot to take pictures of mine).
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Happy Weekend!



Marianne at Style for Living was so sweet to ask me to do a guest post... the ABC's of me. Thanks, Marianne, for having me!

Style For Living

Speaking of ABC's... I've been on the hunt for some items for Collins' new room. Here are some things that I love:
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Sigmund Abernathy on his first trip to the United States with Mr. Owl. 16x20 limited edition print.

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I love this vintage dog poster... but it's sadly not in the budget.

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this dog silhouette would be easy to replicate (and inexpensive!)

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I'm also a fan of a large map.

I'll keep you posted on what I decide!

the kitchen... so far


I've had several emails from y'all asking for photos of the house. I'm one of those who think that I will post photos when a room is finished.... but I've come to the realization that you'll probably never see my house if we wait for that day. Here are some quick shots (via my iphone) of the kitchen. I'm working on selecting fabrics (cafe curtains for the kitchen as well as a headboard for the bench at the breakfast table and cushions for it and the window seat), barstools, things for the walls....the list goes on and on and on.

The question I've gotten the most (from a previous post on progress in the kitchen) is about the pendants over my island. I chose the Goodman Pendant by Visual Comfort and LOVE them. I couldn't be happier. (please contact me if interested in ordering them through Brooke Chamblee Interiors)

Below is the {unfinished} breakfast room side of the kitchen. You can see the bench installed on the other side of the table... Next up is a fabric headboard for the banquette to add some interest to the space: 

mirror, mirror on the wall


I sat down recently to flip through some trade catalogs that I received in the mail. Love so many of these mirrors by Made Goods...

XIMON Main Image

VENUS Main Image

LUIX Main Image

IDOYA Main Image

DAWN Main Image

AGNES Main Image

*please contact me if you are interested in any of these

on top of things


Just when you think you are on top of things and getting organized... things fall apart!

My goal for this week is to order some woven shades for my our master bedroom windows. I'm sure our neighbors would appreciate it! I like the look of these shades. I've been to Lowes and have looked online... but all sizes seem to stop at 72" and our windows are 77" tall. Lovely. I've searched online and priced out some things (I want ours lined) and the best that I've found are from justblinds.com. Hope to place my order soon.


Once I get something on those windows I am going to move along to fabrics. I need several for different things around the house... master bedroom, guest room, pillows, drapes for windows, cafe curtains in kitchen, headboard for breakfast banquette... the list goes on. Here are some that I like that I've saved in the past couple of weeks:

The first two images are from Galbraith & Paul. LOVE their stuff. Wish it was in my budget to use it everywhere in my house!

in the fridge


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So very true. Happy weekend to all of you!