snippets of my house


*Several of you have commented or emailed asking about the rug below in my playroom. It's the diamond jute rug from West Elm that they no longer carry!

I'd like to thank those of you who have emailed to check in and to ask for more photos of my house. It has actually inspired me to start working on it again. And a few of you emailed regarding this post asking what I was going to do with all of those Ikea frames. Well... here are a couple of things that I did. First... I framed this Michelle Armas print (would LOVE an original one day) and hung it in the wet bar:

Next... I got out a can of spray paint and transformed these to a metallic bronze:

And then framed some simple pieces of handmade paper.

I hung them in the short hall leading to the powder bath. Will these stay here forever... probably not. But it's a cheap way to have something on the walls until I can do something else!

Speaking of the powder bath... I found this piece last week at the Flea Market. It found it's home in the powder bath and I love the height and storage it provides. Sorry for the glare... cafe curtains are on the list. My list is lllooonnnggg.....

*Ignore the mirror below.... I've yet to paint it. One day, one day....

If you follow me on instagram I aplogize that you've probably seen all of these images. But most of the pics of my boys are taken in the playroom and several of you (LEB!) have asked to see pics of it. It's the most used room in the house... where we watch tv, read books, play with trucks, color, etc. It's the room you walk in from the side of the house and the garage.... into here. This small back entry has the pine bookshelf that used to be in my living room in Birmingham. I removed the lower two shelves, added a vertical piece to divide it, and added some hooks to make it into lockers (aka: our dumping ground):

Moving towards the kitchen... here are a couple of snippets from where I've moved things around a bit.

Keeping it real... missing a caster below and it's sitting on a can of shoe polish. Classy.

More on the kitchen... here are the fabrics that I am about to order for the cafe curtains, window/banquette cushions, and the headboard for my banquette:

Ok... I think that's enough random stuff for one day. I'll be back soon with more Ikea frames. I hope to hang some this weekend on the big wall at the top of our stairs. I'm writing this to hold myself accountable!

randomness from our days


It's always nice when friends email to check in and say they miss my blog posts. I've been busy but probably could find the time to blog... but I don't know what to blog about! I sit down at my computer and draw a blank. I feel like all of my blog posts are so random... and the titles are always something like "this & that" or "randomness". I guess that's the stage of life that I'm in...which I'm really enjoying btw!
I'm almost finished with the boys' bathroom upstairs.... just need to paint and hang a mirror. And install a light and some hardware. That will be one room that I can check off my list that as complete. After that... I'm thinking I should focus on the downstairs since it's what people actually see. A few barstools for the island would be a nice starting point since we use that space so much!

Here are a few photos of what we've been up to these past couple of weeks. I printed a few new calling cards for the boys since they had a party to attend and putting one to use once it was cut out:

I've been trying to keep the weeds out of my flower beds... I can't keep up. I love maiden hair fern. One of my favorite things in my yard.

I'll be back soon with some design inspiration!