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I have received a lot of emails asking me where I like to shop for things for my house. Now that I'm motivated and starting to order some things (you'll see some progress in the new few weeks... I promise).... I thought I'd share some things with you.
I (along with some other designer friends) agree that you can't beat the drapery options at Restoration Hardware. I'm planning to use the Basketweave Linen in my dining room:
Basket Weave Linen Drapery
For fabric (think pillows, cushions, headboards, etc.)... I'm a big fan of what Lewis and Sheron has to offer. If you are ever in ATL I highly reccomend stopping by. But they have a great website for those who can't get by there.
Tahitian Stitch
Onto furniture. There are so, so many options out there. I love to shop for antiques and vintage items...but sometimes you have to go with something new. I have ordered from all of the companies below and am a fan of what they have to offer (and for great price points). All items below are to the trade (please email me for pricing/ordering information):
Tritter Feefer (47 colors/finishes available)

in my shoppping cart


Some things on my radar that I've come across from reading design magazines, pinning on Pinterest, other blogs, etc. Some are in my shopping cart out there in cyber space... others are on my mind as possiblities!

Box Planter

Firecracker Fabric... I know it's in the LuLu DK Child collection... but I wouldn't mind using it somewhere in my house.

While on the subject of fabric--- I was in Lewis & Sheron a couple of months ago in Atlanta and picked up a piece of this trim. I'm planning to use it in my dining room (one decision that I think I'm actually committing to). I'll post pics soon!
Athena Tape Green Tape Trim

Yes... you are seeing some color on my blog and possibly pop up in my house. I've been drawn to it lately. Let's move on to more color... as you saw in my post about my foyer... I'm still loving these artichoke lamps by Stray Dog Designs. Just don't know if I can commit to using two in my foyer. We'll see.
Artichoke Lamp

Love this roman shade detail by Grant K. Gibson:
Pinned Image

I hope your week is off to a great start!

Easy Canvas Prints


Last year Easy Canvas Prints contacted me about reviewing their product.
I was so excited since I was in the process of trying to find things for Gray's nursery walls.
I'm thinking I need a larger one for this area--- but for now it resides above the changing table. I will probably order a larger one... so I'm thinking I will move this one (11x14) to his gallery wall (which I will show you soon).
Their website is very user friendly and offers so many sizes (even custom).  I highly recommend using Easy Canvas Prints for your photos!

For a 50% OFF discount, just like their facebook page!

the process :: my foyer


I was texting a friend recently about the fact that I have design ADD. I think a lot of it has to do with how many different/new things I see each day/week. I'm always scared to commit because something else might come along. It's something that I am going to have to get over and just start buying some things for our house... or it will be empty forever.

Here is part of how the design process goes for me. I'll have a room on my mind and just start copying and pasting things that I like onto a design board. And most of the time... the items can be totally random.

I started thinking about my foyer recently and have gone so many different direcitons lately. I have always liked the artichoke lamp from Stray Dog Designs and was reminded of it last week when I received a new catalog from them. It's a tad funky for me... but I've been liking some funky mixed in with some rustic mixed with some clean lines.

Here is the naked foyer... begging for some attention:

My first thought was an open bottom console with two simple iron/gold benches underneath... mirror... lamp... etc. (left side of board) But this weekend I found these neat stools from Bliss Studio... that are heavier looking that could look neat flanking a console (right side of board). So here is my design board as it stands today. I have both ideas on there... because i could easily go back to the left side design if that perfect console comes along!

We'll see how this room ends up!