wrapping up the summer


I honestly don't know where the time goes these days. Well, I guess with three little boys three and under... that might be a good place to start! I can't believe that our summer is coming to an end. 

We spent most of our summer playing outside. Here is what the end of a good day looks like. Dirty little feet! 

Many of our afternoons were spent on the golf course riding in the cart and hitting golf balls. 

I was able to get by a couple of flea markets this weekend and loved this little bamboo chair that I found. Makeover coming soon!

I discovered this bag of goodness while in ATL in May. A sweet friend sent me a bag in the mail this week and I'm thankful that it was only one bag. Not helping with the baby weight loss plan!

I am the worst when it comes to making decisions for my own home. The worst. I finally pulled out some swatches and committed to some pillows for my naked living room. I hope to have some pics to share with you soon. Can you spy my little assistant?

Wrapping up this random post is some exciting news. I've been collaborating with a friend on a fun project that I can't wait to share with you... especially if you live in the Jackson, MS area. Most details coming soon!


Natalie said...

Elliot looks so much like you. Can't wait to hear about your little project...I might not be near Jackson, MS but I am from there so that kinda counts....right?


Trisha Troutz said...

Always look forward to your posts! Love the chair you found and can't wait to see what you do with it. You have the sweetest little boys - thanks for sharing your life with others. Oh, and by the way, I saw Shepherding a Child's Heart on your Instagram and have been reading it - it is changing me and my son by taking God's word so specifically in parenting and helping me so much with my oldest. What a blessing - thank you Brooke!

Ahmed Zaky said...

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www.thewowie.com said...

I am in Jackson and I am excited! Your boys are precious!

Ahmed Zaky said...

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paula said...

can't wait to hear more... like for real, email me! ;)

lauren and Kaitlyn said...

hi -
can you tell me about the tapes in the bottom photo? where can I get those?

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