clothes for my boys


I get a lot of questions about where I find the clothes that I dress my boys
in. I will admit that I'm a bargain shopper and spend time trying to find cute 
things at affordable prices. Any time that I see something cute and plain
(solid or stripes) at Walmart or Target, etc… I will snag it up. It's hard to find
things for little boys without a logo or some kind of wording on it. Some
people don't mind that… I'm just not a fan.

C is getting a little older and is having more of an opinion about what he
wears. I've found some things that we both like at Carters, Crewcuts, and
Mini Boden. G is in between and is growing out of the jon jons and more
into shorts and t-shirts. E is still my baby and wearing bubbles (much to his
daddy's dismay). I will say that I buy a lot of their smocked things second
hand and off of Zulily. I can't see paying a ton of money on clothes that
could easily get ruined.  The older two also wear a lot of Honeybee Tees
which aren't shown below because the site wouldn't let me clip it to Polyvore.

Some of my favorite smocked brands that you can find on Zulily, ebay, resale
groups on Facebook, etc. are Shrimp and Grits, Castles and Crowns, Claire
Charlie, Anavini, Vive la Fete, Orient Expressed, and Kelly's Kids… just to
name a few! I hope this helps. Happy Shopping.

for my boys


Carrie said...

I was wondering when Whit would decide he was done with smocked clothes. We still have not worn a golf shirt or button shorts! Glad to know there are still some cute options when he gets older. Of course Charlie is in bubbles :) Your boys always look cute!

Alyson said...

I find cute things for boys at Lands End too! And they normally have a sale going on.

Trisha Troutz said...

Thank you Brooke! Love how you dress your boys. I also love second hand and have found great ebay smocked outfits. You gave me some great ideas as I start planning their spring/summer wardrobes. Really enjoying your fun posts!

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