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This room is kind of like the playroom… it took me awhile to get it to a point where it felt right. For awhile it was so blah and brown. Here are the different phases it's been through since May 2011.

Before we started the renovation:

During Renovation (closed up the cased opening to the dining on the left--- that room became part of the kitchen):

Right after we finished the renovation:

 And now:


My two favorite additions are the Stray Dog Artichoke Lamp (I will admit that I bought two of these for our booth in Jackson but one of them landed here):

And two watercolor paintings by Erin McIntosh from Gregg Irby Gallery:


spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Beautiful Brooke! I really love your floors and the color of the back of your front door. The artichoke lamp is killer too!

Gregg C. Greenberg said...
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mom23blessings said...

Beautiful entryway! I'm especially drawn to your new mirror! Might I ask where you found it??

Trisha Troutz said...

Love the way you transformed this entry and the playroom. It's hard to believe it's the same space. The wood floors make this room look like it's always been this way and I love the way you accessorize. That lamp is perfect! Thanks Brooke!!

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

This is fantastic and I love that white statement lamp on the console! Brilliant move and with the mirror, etc. it is perfect. New follower here! xo Nancy

Amy Segebarth said...
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Ashley said...

Just lovely, Brooke. So welcoming and chic. I'd love to know where the hanging lantern is from, if you don't mind sharing!

paula said...

I am in awe! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

Interior Design Musings said...

Love how you created a wall for your entry way. Everyone always wants to take down walls! I think it's just as important to put them up when you need to create a focal point. As for the artichoke lamp - totally fab! M.

lizziefitz said...

What a welcome first impression to your home! Bravo , Brooke, bravo!

Holly said...

The addition of the new lamp and art work is really nice. What a great new look you've given to your foyer. And thanks for the introduction to Erin's art work.

European Petals said...

that entry way is VERY NICE!! Thank you for sharing :))

Proud florist of New Jersey, USA.

Sara said...

Those floors are amazing!

Bella Salsabiila said...

very unique and beautiful home please visit my blog also

carolina postcard said...

Been way too long since I have been by your blog! Love seeing inside your home. What a transformation girlie! Digging the pineapple lamp and those sweet little photos of your boys. xo

Lauren said...

Can I order the console table through you?

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Decorating Spaces said...

Would you mind sharing any details about the console table? Love your entry! Thanks for sharing!

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