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In case you missed this post last fall... a friend and I opened a booth at Interiors Market in the Fondren area of Jackson. Since then we have opened a second location in The Atrium in Meridian. We've had a great time researching and thinking about what we can have in our booths that you would like.... and know that we are always open to suggestions!

You can keep up with us on both Instagram and Facebook. We tried to frequently post what we've been up to and what is new to the booth.

If you live in Jackson or Meridian we would love for you to stop by. And we are happy to ship if you see something in a photo that you must have... just email us!


Trisha Troutz said...

So wish I lived near you so I could visit your booth. I love watching your style and seeing what you come up with. Glad you are showing pictures so we can see what you're up to and what you are carrying - I WANT IT ALL! Love that chest especially and the lucite kids furniture.

sadaf usman said...

beautiful images I like it.

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